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Haven Is for Realnew

How D.C. churches defied the Reagan administration and helped Central American refugees flee repression in the '80s.
Washington City Paper  |  Siddhartha Mahanta  |  09-17-2014  |  Features

Ronald Reagan and the Largest EPA Scandal in Historynew

President Ronald Reagan's controversial environmental policies may explain why Valmont Butte is still contaminated.
Boulder Weekly  |  Joel Dyer  |  02-17-2012  |  Environment

Free Trade Doesn't Worknew

There's been something wrong in this land for several decades now--most people have been sensing that but haven't been able to put a name to it. Finally, economist Ian Fletcher wrote a book called, "Free Trade Doesn't Work" which pretty effectively says it all.
Random Lengths News  |  Lionel Rolfe  |  02-13-2012  |  Commentary

DeMint Off the Mark With Palin, Reagan Comparisonnew

Spoiler: This columnist will do more for the phrase "anyone since Ronald Reagan" than anyone since Ronald Reagan.
Charleston City Paper  |  Greg Hambrick  |  01-17-2011  |  Commentary

Harvey Silverglate Dissects Federal Prosecutors' Corrupt Justicenew

In Three Felonies A Day, the civil liberties watchdog's thesis is as provocative as it is simple: justice has become sufficiently perverted in this nation that federal prosecutors, if they put their minds to it, could find a way to indict almost any one of us for almost anything.
Boston Phoenix  |  Peter Kadzis  |  09-23-2009  |  Author Profiles & Interviews

Democrats Get Their Reagan in Obamanew

Not since John F. Kennedy has a Democratic figure energized his party to such a degree. No doubt, Democrats favored Obama's policies over the Republicans, but for most supporters, their choice for president was primarily a matter of the heart.
Charleston City Paper  |  Jack Hunter  |  11-13-2008  |  Commentary

Sarah Palin and Fascism's Winning Smilenew

Palin takes over for Reagan in painting Republicans as something they're not.
Pasadena Weekly  |  Ellen Snortland  |  10-14-2008  |  Commentary

America's Energy Crisis Belongs in the GOP's Lapnew

In recent weeks, we've heard a rising chorus of Republicans blaming America's energy woes on the Democrats. It seems that they've all forgotten how Ronald Reagan gutted Jimmy Carter's energy plan.
Charleston City Paper  |  Will Moredock  |  08-20-2008  |  Commentary

Blame Reagan for Today's High Gas Pricesnew

Less than four months after Jimmy Carter signed the Energy Security Act, the Reagan administration replaced the Carter administration. And as soon as they took office, the Reaganites set about killing the synfuels program. Where would we be today if Reagan had stayed the course?
Boulder Weekly  |  Paul Danish  |  06-30-2008  |  Commentary

For Obama to Win, He'll Have to Crib from Ronald Reagan's Playbooknew

Can a significant portion of the electorate abide Barack Obama as its next president? Right now, it's an open question. And for Obama to get the answer he wants, he's going to have to be another Ronald Reagan or another Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
Boston Phoenix  |  Steven Stark  |  06-12-2008  |  Commentary

'U.S. vs. Them' Explores the Paranoid Style in U.S. Foreign Policynew

In a new book on American foreign policy, New Republic editor J. Peter Scoblic spends a couple of hundred pages reviewing the historical record of Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, and the current Bush presidency before getting to the real nub of the issue, in which he is succinctly correct: Conservatism, he writes, "although it has a clear intellectual pedigree, operates on a deep psychological level as well."
Artvoice  |  Staff  |  06-02-2008  |  Nonfiction

Reagan Countrynew

Incredibly, one of the most pressing issues of 2008 appears to be this: Ronald Reagan.
Los Angeles CityBeat  |  Editorial  |  01-25-2008  |  Commentary

Can the GOP Protect the National-Security Lie Until November?new

If voters were forced to smell the George W. Bush record up close, we'd be looking down the barrel of a 1964-style John Kerry trounce in November, followed by several high-level prosecutions and a steep, generational decline in the fortunes of the Republican Party.
New York Press  |  Alexander Zaitchik  |  09-24-2004  |  Commentary

Vietnam War Was a Brilliant Idea Compared to Iraqi Messnew

Regardless of your theology, Bush Two is right indeed to point out that someday we will all be dead; what he left out is that thanks to his idiot policies and political cowardice, many of us are likely to be impoverished first.
Metro Times  |  Jack Lessenberry  |  08-07-2004  |  Commentary

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