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'U.S. vs. Them' Explores the Paranoid Style in U.S. Foreign Policynew

In a new book on American foreign policy, New Republic editor J. Peter Scoblic spends a couple of hundred pages reviewing the historical record of Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, and the current Bush presidency before getting to the real nub of the issue, in which he is succinctly correct: Conservatism, he writes, "although it has a clear intellectual pedigree, operates on a deep psychological level as well."
Artvoice  |  Staff  |  06-02-2008  |  Nonfiction

Media Plunges Into Orgy of Hypocrisy Over Kelley's Latest Tell-Allnew

The more Kitty Kelley talked to the media about her new book, the more she resembled a successful society madam explaining the facts of life to a puritanical young D.A. who wants to save society by closing the local whorehouse.
The Village Voice  |  John Powers  |  09-21-2004  |  Nonfiction

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