• 810-812 Main St.
  • Buffalo, New York 14202
  • Phone: (716) 881-6604
  • Fax: (716) 881-6682
  • Circulation: 45,000 (as of December 2015)
  • Audited By: Figure submitted by Publisher
  • Publication Day: Every Thursday
  • Market Served: Erie & Niagara counties in WNY
  • National Advertising: Alternative Weekly Network
Founded in 1990, Artvoice is Buffalo's largest newsweekly. Artvoice attracts more than 140,000 readers each week who are in search of in-depth coverage of local politics, event information, and art critiques. It is the fastest growing media in the market, posting a circulation increase of 600 percent since its inception. Artvoice has led the charge to raise urban aesthetic standards and continues to fight for the community against poor city planning and fiscal irresponsibility in government. The paper has been credited with affecting significant change in direction in major building projects, waterfront development and public funding of sports franchises. Artvoice has also raised over $2 million for charities. With a young, educated readership, Artvoice is a favorite advertising vehicle for concert promoters, retail stores, clubs, theatres and galleries.
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The corporate hit job on the US Postal Service continues wit the end of Saturday mail.
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Why are some folks so passionate in their preference for "theatre" or "theater"? History illuminates the sociopolitical aspects of the argument.
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