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You've Got No Mailnew

The corporate hit job on the US Postal Service continues wit the end of Saturday mail.
Artvoice  |  Michael I. Niman  |  02-15-2013  |  Commentary

You Write "Theatre," I Write "Theater"new

Why are some folks so passionate in their preference for "theatre" or "theater"? History illuminates the sociopolitical aspects of the argument.
Artvoice  |  Anthony Chase  |  02-08-2013  |  History

Predictions and Apocalyptic Visions for 2012new

Republicans filibuster outgoing President Obama's congratulatory phone call, and more fearless predictions for 2012.
Artvoice  |  Artvoice Staff & Readers  |  12-23-2011  |  Commentary

Stop This Nuclear Insanitynew

Safe or not, Fukushima contamination showing up in Vermont is a stark reminder that we all live on a little planet, and like it or not, there is no escaping this global society.
Artvoice  |  Michael I. Niman  |  04-18-2011  |  Commentary

The Great Heist of the State University of New York at Buffalonew

Across the country, public universities are being targeted for reform by business leaders and by politicians who speak for business leaders. Buffalo is no different.
Artvoice  |  Buck Quigley  |  04-07-2011  |  Education

Welcome to Paladino Countrynew

Wonder what kind of region produces a man like developer Carl Paladino, who rode the rage of the tea party movement to become the Republican candidate for governor of New York? Welcome to Buffalo and its discontents.
Artvoice  |  Bruce Fisher  |  10-08-2010  |  Commentary

Tea Bag Schwagnew

There was a big Tea Party thing in Buffalo this morning. Three tour buses, and lots of angry white people. If you missed it, you missed your chance to get neato T-shirts and stickers that can proclaim your anger to everyone.
Artvoice  |  Buck Quigley  |  04-12-2010  |  Politics

How Too Little State Spending Will Hurt Recovery in Upstate New Yorknew

The lower your income in New York State, the more of it you pay in state and local income, sales, property, and excise taxes. The more you make, the less of it you pay in state and local taxes here.
Artvoice  |  Bruce Fisher  |  03-27-2010  |  Commentary

Two UB Art Gallery Exhibits Track Our Impact on the Waters and Water's Impact on Usnew

Two art exhibits about environmental issues just opened at the UB art gallery on the North campus: one local, about the waters of Ellicott Creek a five-minute hike from the gallery; the other about global economic and environmental issues, but with substantial local implications.
Artvoice  |  jack Foran  |  03-27-2010  |  Environment

How to Boil Water... and Other Good Thingsnew

Well it’s that time of year again... a time to watch the parade and enjoy all its revelries, and also an opportunity to eat corned beef-and-cabbage. It’s a simple recipe to prepare and one that tastes delicious with beer.
Artvoice  |  Joe George  |  03-12-2010  |  Food+Drink

Where are the Beers of Yesteryear?new

Buffalo got an unexpected boost in 2007 when Labatt USA moved its headquarters to Key Bank Tower. Although city officials didn’t know of the move until it was announced, Mayor Byron Brown was there at the grand opening.
Artvoice  |  Buck Quigley  |  03-12-2010  |  Food+Drink

Eight Questions With Editorial Cartoonist Adam Zyglisnew

Talk about lofty predecessors. When Adam Zyglis became the editorial cartoonist for the Buffalo News in 2004, he stepped into a role once held by not one, but two, Pulitzer Prize winners (Bruce Shanks in 1958 and Tom Toles in 1990).
Artvoice  |  Artvoice Staff  |  03-05-2010  |  Art

Still the Promised Land: Poverty, Policy and Hope in the Rust Beltnew

Out west in gigantic, thriving Chicago, there’s a debate underway between a journalist and an IT consultant over whether regionalism can help the hollowing-out cities of the Rust Belt.
Artvoice  |  Bruce Fisher  |  03-05-2010  |  Economy

Could Public-Private Partnerships Save New York State Parks?new

In response to Gov. David Paterson’s plan to save New York $6.5 million by cutting funding to state parks, Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy said this week that corporate sponsorships could be the answer. Levy, a Democrat, has said he would turn Republican if it would help his run for governor.
Artvoice  |  Buck Quigley  |  02-26-2010  |  Environment

How Suburban Voters are Sabotaging the Governments They Seek to Reformnew

Suburban mobs throughout the region have vandalized local institutions in their own way. They have hurled rhetorical bricks at their local governments, and hauled their neighbors from town hall offices, gleefully setting fire to the positions those individuals previously occupied.
Artvoice  |  James A. Gardner  |  02-26-2010  |  Commentary

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