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Valmont Butte's Got a Dam Problemnew

Suspect actions on the part of the EPA and State of Colorado in their testing and analysis of potential pathways to human exposure from Allied Chemical's Valmont Butte Mill site.
Boulder Weekly  |  Joel Dyer and Jefferson Dodge and Elizabeth Miller  |  03-02-2012  |  Environment

Ronald Reagan and the Largest EPA Scandal in Historynew

President Ronald Reagan's controversial environmental policies may explain why Valmont Butte is still contaminated.
Boulder Weekly  |  Joel Dyer  |  02-17-2012  |  Environment

The Ghosts of Valmont Buttenew

Ever since the city of Boulder purchased its Valmont Butte property, city taxpayers have been picking up the tab to pay for the environmental sins committed by more than a century’s worth of long-departed users at the site. And that tab may be getting bigger as more ghosts from the property’s past continue to reveal themselves.
Boulder Weekly  |  Joel Dyer and Jefferson Dodge and Elizabeth Miller  |  01-26-2012  |  Environment

San Francisco Bay Pollution Cleanup Plan Will Be Costlynew

East Bay cities have been fouling the bay with partially treated sewage for decades, but a new court settlement will be expensive to implement.
East Bay Express  |  Judith Scherr  |  04-07-2011  |  Environment

Murky Waters: Memphis is Dumping Sewage into the Mississippinew

A city plant is discharging sewage into local rivers and streams, and the Tennessee Clean Water Network, an independent environmental advocacy group based in Knoxville, has filed notice of its intent to sue the city over violations of the Clean Water Act.
The Memphis Flyer  |  Bianca Phillips  |  12-18-2009  |  Environment

Water Rights: An Activist Faces Prison after Refusing his Sentence for 'Littering'new

On Dec. 4, a year after he was cited for littering on the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge, activist Walt Staton was back in federal court, because he refused to pick up garbage.
Tucson Weekly  |  Tim Vanderpool  |  12-10-2009  |  Immigration

El Mensaje de Mérida: Restoring Wilderness is Vital to Saving the Planetnew

Slash-and-burn agriculture and deforestation had unintended consequences on the early Maya. But these weren’t the only people doomed by unsustainable environmental practices or rapid shifts in the climate.
San Antonio Current  |  Greg Harman  |  12-09-2009  |  Environment

San Diego Sues Navy, Shipbuilders and Port District to Pay for Bay Cleanupnew

For nearly 30 years after the end of World War II, Naval personnel hosed down trucks and heavy machinery with diesel fuel, then dunked them in a tributary of San Diego Bay. It was all done in the name of "decontamination" -- ironic, because a new suit alleges this is one of dozens of practices cited as primary causes of sediment contamination in the bay.
San Diego CityBeat  |  Dave Maass  |  10-21-2009  |  Environment

Another Reason to Ditch Coal: The Ashnew

When wet coal-ash sludge dries, it becomes toxic dust. The particulates are so small that they can burrow deeply into the lungs.
INDY Week  |  Lisa Sorg  |  08-21-2009  |  Environment

Duke Scientists: Dried Coal Ash Highly Toxicnew

An Aug. 15 Duke University study details just how toxic coal ash is: Samples taken from the Dec. 28, 2008, coal-ash spill near Kingston, Tenn., contain high levels of toxic metals and radioactive elements, including arsenic, mercury and radium. As the sludge dries, risk of exposure via inhalation increases dramatically, the Duke team found.
Mountain Xpress  |  Margaret Williams  |  08-20-2009  |  Environment

Fajardo's Fight: Taking on Big Oil in Ecuadornew

Pablo Fajardo is the David in a David and Goliath-esque case pitting Ecuadorian Indians and mestizos against major American oil companies.
Eugene Weekly  |  Natalie Miller and Camilla Mortensen  |  08-13-2009  |  Environment

Something in the Water: Inside Baltimore Harbornew

A look under the water and along the edges of the Inner Harbor reveals layers of history, environmental issues and soft black mud. To some it is a crisis, and to others cathartic. One thing it definitely is: fascinating.
Baltimore City Paper  |  Chris Landers  |  08-04-2009  |  Environment

Toxic Gases Seep from the Ground in One Baltimore Neighborhoodnew

According to recent federal court documents, the Chemical Metals Industries site continues to pose a cancer risk to long-term residents of nearby homes subjected to "vapor intrusion" of chemical-laden air rising through the soil from contaminated groundwater below.
Baltimore City Paper  |  Van Smith  |  07-28-2009  |  Environment

Christopher Muhammad, the Man Who Cried Dustnew

Muhammad's fight with Lennar over toxic dust has resulted in a restraining order against him, an accusation that he's a shakedown artist, and grudging respect from his rivals.
SF Weekly  |  Lauren Smiley  |  07-02-2009  |  Environment

Underground Petroleum Tanks Mar Virginia Drinking Waternew

Because of population density and geological factors, Albemarle County is particularly polluted by underground gas storage tanks, and the problem of leaking tanks is more widespread than most realize.
C-Ville Weekly  |  Erika Howsare  |  07-01-2009  |  Environment

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