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Toxic Gases Seep from the Ground in One Baltimore Neighborhoodnew

According to recent federal court documents, the Chemical Metals Industries site continues to pose a cancer risk to long-term residents of nearby homes subjected to "vapor intrusion" of chemical-laden air rising through the soil from contaminated groundwater below.
Baltimore City Paper  |  Van Smith  |  07-28-2009  |  Environment

'Food, Inc.': Appetite Suppressantnew

Doomsday opening aside, Food, Inc. largely forgoes bombast, but you don't need the pictures to get the drift here, which is, more or less, that the American food industry is pretty much fucked.
Austin Chronicle  |  Kimberley Jones  |  06-26-2009  |  Reviews

How the Energy Industry is Moving Out of the Dark Agesnew

The energy revolution doesn't hinge on technological discovery. Indeed, the vast majority of technology it will draw on has existed for years, if not decades. The energy revolution is about something much more difficult to change: our own human behavior.
Metro Spirit  |  Matt Spaur  |  06-17-2009  |  Environment

Swift's Beef Plant: An Equal-opportunity Exploiternew

Lawsuits say the meatpacking company wrongly terminated injured workers to save on worker's compensation costs and systematically replaced workers with illegal Guatemalan immigrants to depress wages.
Dallas Observer  |  Megan Feldman  |  04-09-2007  |  Business & Labor

Bouncing Backnew

Most of the 5,000 workers who were laid off when Oracle bought and killed PeopleSoft have landed on their feet and put the past behind them.
East Bay Express  |  Chris Thompson  |  01-09-2006  |  Business & Labor

Warming Trendnew

At long last, Edith Frost is done chilling out. She has scheduled her first extended tour in ages and has developed new material for a CD that should reach stores by the first half of 2005.
Westword  |  Michael Roberts  |  11-30-2004  |  Profiles & Interviews

Fit to be Tied (to a Contract)new

The fitness industry is booming, but are clubs maximizing their revenue at the expense of consumers' rights?
Metroland  |  Rick Marshall  |  08-05-2004  |  Sports

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