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The Timeless Showbiz of 'Frost/Nixon'new

Frost/Nixon displays bursts of some of Ron Howard's sharpest work in his fifty years in show business, but it functions best as a cartoon that chooses to think of itself as burnished bravura.
Chicago Newcity  |  Ray Pride  |  12-10-2008  |  Reviews

'Frost/Nixon': Frosted Dicknew

Like Oliver Stone, Ron Howard paints Nixon a little more sympathetically than many of us who remember the era are likely to warm to. Nixon was an unlovable scoundrel, a villain who would have dismantled the Constitution, had he been able to.
Los Angeles CityBeat  |  Andy Klein  |  12-05-2008  |  Reviews

'Frost/Nixon' Prioritizes Media Over Politicsnew

Frost/Nixon dramatizes the series of 1977 TV interviews that British chat host David Frost did with President Richard Nixon following his resignation after the Watergate scandal. A minor TV event -- on the level of Billie Jean King beating Bobby Riggs at tennis -- Howard confers it lunatic importance.
New York Press  |  Armond White  |  12-04-2008  |  Reviews

John Dean on Civil Liberties, the GOP and the Imperial Presidencynew

These days, Dean seems too busy thinking about the present condition of the country to be dwelling on his principal role in the demise of the Nixon administration 34 years ago.
San Diego CityBeat  |  David Rolland  |  10-29-2008  |  Politics

New Doc on Hunter S. Thompson Examines His Bond with Richard Nixonnew

It was part of the American genius for polarization that Thompson saw Nixon as his doppelganger, his mirror. Nixon was his dark shadow. Or maybe it was the other way around.
Willamette Week  |  Aaron Mesh  |  07-02-2008  |  Reviews

'Nixonland' Underlines the Real Lesson of 1968

Today that lesson teaches that we should seek a president who can heal the still-festering wounds of race and class, who can lead us out of war and who can move us past the political purgatory Perlstein calls Nixonland. But by invoking that sad chapter in our history, Hillary Clinton has cast herself in the Dick Nixon role.
The Inlander  |  Ted S. McGregor Jr.  |  05-29-2008  |  Nonfiction

Bill and Hillary Sound More Like Bush Every Daynew

Faced with a tidal wave of support for Barack Obama, the Clintons' response has been nothing short of disgraceful. As soon as it became apparent she was losing, the Clintons took a page from the Nixon and Bush playbook and started fighting dirty.
NUVO  |  Steve Hammer  |  04-24-2008  |  Commentary

Hillary Rodham Nixonnew

Yes, Tricky Dick has a disciple -- someone just as ruthless and unlikable.
Metro Times  |  Jack Lessneberry  |  03-18-2008  |  Commentary

Fred Thompson Finally Gets In The Deep Endnew

While covering Watergate, Hunter S. Thompson seemed oddly fascinated with the young lawyer from Tennessee -- and I think he would be surprised but not shocked to know that in September 2007, Fred Thompson would be announcing (finally) his campaign for Nixon's old job.
The Texas Observer  |  Cody Garrett  |  09-06-2007  |  Commentary

The Gray Lady in Shadownew

Could publication of the domestic-spying story lead to indictment of the New York Times?
Boston Phoenix  |  Harvey Silverglate  |  01-05-2006  |  Media

War Party: John Kerry Gets His Marching Orders in New Yorknew

In convention speeches, the Republicans are, rather boldly, assuming full ownership of what wiser folks assume is the inevitable disaster of the Iraqi war.
L.A. Weekly  |  Marc Cooper  |  09-02-2004  |  Politics

Nixon Rewound: RNC Brings to Mind Miami Beach, 1972new

Florida delegates headed to New York for the Republican National Convention don't know what might await them on the streets. But the group is a bit more diverse than the effete martini-sippers New York's anarchists apparently envision.
Miami New Times  |  Brett Sokol  |  08-23-2004  |  Politics

Vietnam War Was a Brilliant Idea Compared to Iraqi Messnew

Regardless of your theology, Bush Two is right indeed to point out that someday we will all be dead; what he left out is that thanks to his idiot policies and political cowardice, many of us are likely to be impoverished first.
Metro Times  |  Jack Lessenberry  |  08-07-2004  |  Commentary

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