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To be Free...and Safenew

The LGBT's Rainbow Riverfest highlights progress made and work still to be done.
Valley Advocate  |  Maureen Turner  |  09-25-2012  |  LGBT

Behind Asheville's WE DO Campaignnew

For two weeks in October, 20 same-sex couples applied for — and were refused — marriage licenses in Buncombe County, N.C. Their efforts culminated in a rally and an act of civil disobedience that led to an arrest. This WE DO campaign drew national attention and, in many ways, demonstrates a different approach to LGBT activism.
Mountain Xpress  |  David Forbes  |  10-25-2011  |  LGBT

Proof of Nothingnew

When you were busted for public intoxication, were you drunk? Or did you just piss off a cop?
Austin Chronicle  |  Jordan Smith  |  06-24-2011  |  Civil Liberties

Date Night in the Garden of Edennew

Kentucky Creation Museum denies admission to perceived same sex couple.
LEO Weekly  |  Jonathan Meador  |  02-16-2011  |  Religion

When Innocence Is Pinknew

Wrongly convicted women fight for recognition, support, remedies.
Metro Times  |  Sandra Svoboda  |  01-19-2011  |  Crime & Justice

Sheriff's Detention Officers Unnecessarily Terrorized a Psychotic Inmatenew

Eric Vogel was a seriously mentally ill Phoenix man who died (of a heart attack, officially) in December 2001, a week after a violent incident with the jailers at the now-closed Madison Street Jail. The civil case was filed by Vogel's survivors.
Phoenix New Times  |  Paul Rubin  |  02-16-2010  |  Civil Liberties

Philly's Broken Justicenew

If you haven't been reading the Philadelphia Inquirer's series on our broken judicial system, you really should: it lays out in excruciating detail the failures of our "system".
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Brendan Skwire  |  12-22-2009  |  Fashion

Connecticut Tackles the DNA Questionnew

Connecticut is one of 29 states that doesn't collect DNA at the time of arrest for felonies. Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, among others, would like to see that changed.
New Haven Advocate  |  Daniel D'Ambrosio  |  11-17-2009  |  Crime & Justice

Feds Bust Twitterer, Impound Fuzzy Dolls and Buffy Videos in War on Terrornew

Elliot Madison's real crime, it seems, is being a self-proclaimed anarchist, which is no more illegal than being a self-proclaimed Democrat or Lutheran. His tweets were not more informative or subversive than MSNBC's live coverage of the G-20 protests.
Artvoice  |  Michael I. Niman  |  10-16-2009  |  Civil Liberties

Blogger Busted: Free Speech Goes on Trial in Central Illinoisnew

Scott Humphrey, a 57-year-old man from Springfield, Ill., faces four criminal misdemeanor charges for two specific online statements that he made on a political blog. Sources say civil suits and criminal charges will increasingly be used to stop speech on the internet.
Illinois Times  |  Amanda Robert  |  10-15-2009  |  Media

An Inside Look at the G20 Summit and the Police State That Surrounded Itnew

The phrase "lockdown" doesn't quite get to the core of how militarized and contained Pittsburgh really was throughout the two-day G20 Sept. 24 and 25.
Philadelphia City Paper  |  Matt Stroud  |  10-06-2009  |  Civil Liberties

G-20 Dispatch: Never Mind Civil Liberties -- Did Police Squander a PR Opportunity?new

Going into the G-20, there was a lot of concern that anarchists might ruin a once-in-a-lifetime photo op. It didn't turn out that way. But it's still possible the police might smudge the city's G-20 halo.
Pittsburgh City Paper  |  Chris Potter  |  09-29-2009  |  Civil Liberties

Harvey Silverglate Dissects Federal Prosecutors' Corrupt Justicenew

In Three Felonies A Day, the civil liberties watchdog's thesis is as provocative as it is simple: justice has become sufficiently perverted in this nation that federal prosecutors, if they put their minds to it, could find a way to indict almost any one of us for almost anything.
Boston Phoenix  |  Peter Kadzis  |  09-23-2009  |  Author Profiles & Interviews

Following Raid on Gay Bar, the Atlanta PD Reels from Harrassment Complaintsnew

Why did police feel they needed to take down the club with the kind of force usually reserved for busting meth labs? Why did officers seem to act so unprofessionally toward the Eagle's customers, none of whom was arrested? And was the whole thing really just about sex?
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Scott Henry  |  09-22-2009  |  Civil Liberties

Open Web Advocates Say Social Media Needs Reformnew

A question that's increasingly being raised is: Who should control all of the data shared through social media sites -- the user or the service?
The Georgia Straight  |  Jeffery Simpson  |  08-18-2009  |  Tech

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