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Joe Arpaio All-but-Declares Victorynew

Sheriff Joe Arpaio apparently wants to remain Maricopa County Sheriff until he's dead, as he declared his candidacy for the 2016 race immediately after all-but-declaring victory over Democratic candidate Paul Penzone.
Phoenix New Times  |  Matthew Hendley  |  11-07-2012  |  Elections

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Should be Charged, Eric Holder Told in Letternew

A group of former prosecutors sent a letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder today asking him to have Sheriff Joe Arpaio charged for abusing his power.
Phoenix New Times  |  Ray Stern  |  04-17-2012  |  Crime & Justice

Judges Grill Arpaio's Lawyer on Alleged First Amendment Violationsnew

An 11-member panel of judges from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit had some tough questions today for Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's lawyer about why "America's Toughest Sheriff" should be exempt from a lawsuit claiming he violated an Arizona newspaper's First Amendment rights.
SF Weekly  |  Peter Jamison  |  12-22-2011  |  Civil Liberties

DOJ: Arpaio Commits Worst Racial Profiling in U.S. Historynew

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's office didn't just commit racial profiling of Latinos. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, Arpaio oversaw the worst pattern of racial profiling by a law enforcement agency in U.S. history.
Phoenix New Times  |  Ray Stern  |  12-15-2011  |  Race & Class

Bad News Day for Sheriff Joe Arpaionew

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio was slammed in a damning AP story about how his agency bungled hundreds of sex-crime cases.
Phoenix New Times  |  Ray Stern  |  12-06-2011  |  Crime & Justice

Joe Arpaio Lap-dog Wins Maricopa County Attorney Racenew

The voters of Maricopa County have spoken and it appears another Joe Arpaio lap-dog will be the next county attorney.
Phoenix New Times  |  James King  |  08-25-2010  |  Politics

An Opportunity to Stand Upnew

Village Voice Media is underwriting the cost of the American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona's forthcoming litigation against Senate Bill 1070, as well as two other immigration lawsuits.
Phoenix New Times  |  Michael Lacey  |  05-05-2010  |  Immigration

Andrew Thomas and Joe Arpaio's Court Tower "Cover-Up" is Pure Fictionnew

Andrew Thomas would surely tell you that he and his closest ally, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, had become convinced that a project had fallen prey to misspending, graft, even outright corruption. Grand jury time!
Phoenix New Times  |  Sarah Fenske  |  02-23-2010  |  Crime & Justice

Sheriff's Detention Officers Unnecessarily Terrorized a Psychotic Inmatenew

Eric Vogel was a seriously mentally ill Phoenix man who died (of a heart attack, officially) in December 2001, a week after a violent incident with the jailers at the now-closed Madison Street Jail. The civil case was filed by Vogel's survivors.
Phoenix New Times  |  Paul Rubin  |  02-16-2010  |  Civil Liberties

Strip Searches at Maricopa County Jails Are Under Firenew

The United States Supreme Court has never officially weighed in on whether it's permissible to strip-search arrestees charged with minor crimes, like Michelle Miguel. But plenty of lower courts have — and they agree that the practice is unconstitutional.
Phoenix New Times  |  Sarah Fenske  |  01-12-2010  |  Crime & Justice

The Nooses Joe Arpaio and Andrew Thomas Hung Up Must be Cut Downnew

Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas have defiled our town square with hanging corpses: five county supervisors, four superior court judges, two county administrators, three attorneys, an entire law firm, and (everywhere) Mexicans.
Phoenix New Times  |  Michael Lacey  |  01-05-2010  |  Commentary

Nothing is Sacred in the Wacked Legal World of Joe Arpaio and Andrew Thomasnew

Andrew Thomas and Joe Arpaio increasingly have become addicted to launching investigations against any and all political enemies, real and invented. It's not just about ACLU attorneys, illegal immigrants, electoral opponents, and newspaper publishers anymore.
Phoenix New Times  |  Paul Rubin  |  12-29-2009  |  Immigration

Is Obama Hard Enough to Confront the Evil of Sheriff Joe Arpaio?new

Obama's federal investigators are here in Phoenix examining the assaults against human rights perpetrated by Sheriff Joe Arpaio and County Attorney Andrew Thomas. Are they unearthing evidence or burying it?
Phoenix New Times  |  Michael Lacey  |  12-15-2009  |  Crime & Justice

Does U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke Have the Stones to Take on Sheriff Joe Arpaio?new

Will anything be done about Arpaio's possible violations of federal law? Everyone knows the Department of Justice and the FBI are investigating Arpaio, but will new U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke do anything about Arizona's rogue sheriff? History does not bode well.
Phoenix New Times  |  Stephen Lemons  |  11-10-2009  |  Crime & Justice

Why Did a Pregnant Latina, Detained After a Traffic Stop, Have to Give Birth in Shackles?new

Alma Chacon's case raises questions about the use of racial profiling by Maricopa County sheriff's deputies during traffic stops, but, most importantly, sheds light on the mistreatment of unconvicted immigrants inside county jails.
Phoenix New Times  |  Valeria Fernández  |  10-27-2009  |  Race & Class

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