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CofC professor Christopher Lamb talks Sarah Palin, 2012 election cyclenew

Christopher Lamb is a bit disappointed that Sarah Palin decided not to throw her hat into the 2012 Republican presidential nominee ring. While it could have been monumentally precarious for our country, it at least could have moved copies of the College of Charleston professor’s 2011 book, The Sound and Fury of Sarah Palin, a 179-page work tearing down the “politician” who was the butt of so many of 2008’s best jokes.
Charleston City Paper  |  Susan Cohen  |  08-24-2012  |  Policy Issues

Obama can be beaten, but the GOP doesn't have anyone who can do itnew

I'll be the first liberal to admit that I've been extremely displeased with President Barack Obama and his bumbling, stumbling reign over 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Charleston City Paper  |  Chris Haire  |  10-17-2011  |  Elections

A Palin Presidency? Political Infighting Could Make it Happennew

Former Congressman Jim Weaver explains how Sarah Palin could become our next president, thanks to conservative politics in the House.
Eugene Weekly  |  Jim Weaver  |  07-15-2011  |  Elections

Sarah Palin Wilts as Glenn Beck Self-Destructsnew

Common sense has bloomed among right wingers — not once, but twice. And while these episodes are unlikely to become regular events, we should enjoy them while we can.
Boston Phoenix  |  Editorial  |  02-17-2011  |  Commentary

There Be Dragonsnew

The allure and danger of the Tea Party movement.
San Antonio Current  |  Michael Wurth  |  01-20-2011  |  Commentary

Sarah's Warnew

Palin started a blood libel war in Tucson. "Refudiate that!" says former 2 Live Crew frontman Luther Campbell.
Miami New Times  |  Luther Campbell  |  01-20-2011  |  Commentary

DeMint Off the Mark With Palin, Reagan Comparisonnew

Spoiler: This columnist will do more for the phrase "anyone since Ronald Reagan" than anyone since Ronald Reagan.
Charleston City Paper  |  Greg Hambrick  |  01-17-2011  |  Commentary

The Gabrielle Giffords Shootingnew

Rightbloggers comfort the real victims of the Gabrielle Giffords shooting: Themselves.
The Village Voice  |  Roy Edroso  |  01-11-2011  |  Commentary

The Road To 2012: The New New Hampshirenew

Mitt Romney and the rest of the GOP field are about to find a whole new set of players standing between them and first-in-the-nation primary victory.
Boston Phoenix  |  David S. Bernstein  |  01-03-2011  |  Elections

Sarah Palin's Alaskanew

She's just a fish-beatin', bear-tauntin', freedom-lovin' mountain gal.
Boise Weekly  |  Damon Hunzeker  |  12-13-2010  |  TV

The Couch Potato’s Guide To Tracking the National Election Resultsnew

Election 2010: What to watch for, from the comfort of your living room.
Boston Phoenix  |  David Bernstein  |  10-28-2010  |  Elections

White America Has Lost Its Mindnew

The white brain, beset with worries, finally goes haywire in spectacular fashion.
The Village Voice  |  Steven Thrasher  |  09-29-2010  |  Commentary

Aqua Velva Man: Success Means Never Having to Say You're Sorrynew

“Well, I’m not apologizing for anything,” said Mit Romney. (Mit downsized his name at the same time he downsized his domiciles, so people would forget that he is the richest guy to ever run for president.)
Salt Lake City Weekly  |  D.P. Sorensen  |  03-16-2010  |  Commentary

Journalist T.R. Reid Makes it Plain: Universal Coverage is the Answernew

The take-home lesson, repeated frequently during an hour-long conversation with the Independent, boils down basically to this: Provide universal health care, and the rest will follow.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Anthony Lane  |  02-25-2010  |  Science

Political Animals: Sarahmania Hits Houstonnew

There were many things to take away from the recent whirlwind visit to Houston of the woman who is ostentatiously keeping open the possibility of running for President in 2012, just in case the nation demands it.
Houston Press  |  Richard Connelly  |  02-23-2010  |  Commentary

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