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‘Fortitude’ Folliesnew

Everything the cult-hit show gets wrong about Svalbard.
Icepeople  |  Mark Sabbatini  |  02-18-2016  |  TV

Game of Thrones for Noobsnew

Game of Thrones has become a downright phenomenon. And while the books certainly made author George RR Martin into some kind of rockstar, the HBO series has exploded into a pop-culture powerhouse in its own right. But what about those of us who never read the books or watched the show before now? This is the review series for you.
Santa Fe Reporter  |  Alex De Vore  |  04-13-2015  |  TV

Confessions of a loyal Southern Charm fannew

I love Southern Charm. There, I said it. Reality television shows have the tendency to be either really good or really bad, with the majority falling into the latter category.
Charleston City Paper  |  Dwayne Green  |  04-30-2014  |  TV

HBO'S Truthful Vampires Return for a Sixth

“Bill, this isn’t you,” she says as he holds the vile of sacred blood. “What the fuck do you know about me?” he responds
San Antonio Current  |  M. R. Brown  |  06-13-2013  |  TV

Welcome back, Bluthsnew

New episodes of Arrested Development on Netflix? Here’s why we give a shit.
Creative Loafing (Tampa)  |  Daniel Figueroa IV  |  05-28-2013  |  TV

Simon Pegg: Great Scotty!new

The multitalented Simon Pegg is a geek for all seasons.
Creative Loafing (Tampa)  |  Joe Bardi  |  05-25-2013  |  TV

Who Wrote What on HBO's "Girls"new

Lena Dunham may be the face (and body) of the controversial series, but she’s not the only brain.
Orlando Weekly  |  Ashley Belanger  |  03-29-2013  |  TV

'House of Cards': Netflix and the Reinvention of TVnew

A skeleton unearthed beneath a parking lot in Leicester is, according to DNA analysis, the physical remains of Richard III, the Plantagenet king vilified by William Shakespeare.
San Antonio Current  |  Steven G. Kellman  |  02-13-2013  |  TV

Will Honey Mahogany Become America's Next Drag Superstar?new

She'd be the first to hail from San Francisco.
East Bay Express  |  Azeen Ghorayshi  |  01-23-2013  |  TV

'Malibu Country' has it all: moldy oldies, boobs, and gay mockingnew

Start-Ups: Silicon Valley (9pm Mon, Bravo) Bravo usually focuses its reality series on good-looking socialites or business people.
San Antonio Current  |  Dean Robbins  |  10-31-2012  |  TV

'Made in Jersey' undresses crime with hairspray and tight jeansnew

Forget the overrated Homeland. If you’re looking for an international spy thriller on premium cable, this is the one to watch. The pilot messes with your head so skillfully that you’re woozy by the 30-minute mark. And thoroughly intrigued.
San Antonio Current  |  Dean Robbins  |  10-17-2012  |  TV

Life: The Romantic Comedynew

Dr. Mindy Lahiri (Mindy Kaling) has spent a lifetime looking for the perfect man, but she can’t find him. In the pilot for this new series, we perceive her problem: She sees everything through the lens of romantic comedies like When Harry Met Sally.
San Antonio Current  |  Dean Robbins  |  09-20-2012  |  TV

J.J. Abrams' 'Revolution'new

J.J. Abrams’ series plunges you into an alternate reality. Ben (Tim Guinee) hurries home to tell his wife (Elizabeth Mitchell), “It’s happening.”
San Antonio Current  |  Dean Robbins  |  09-16-2012  |  TV

A&E's 'Coma' delivers a hospital of horrorsnew

Ridley and the late Tony Scott have produced an effectively creepy update of Coma, originally a 1977 novel and 1978 film.
San Antonio Current  |  Dean Robbins  |  08-30-2012  |  TV

Monsters in the making: 'Face Off' and 'Fatal Honeymoon'new

In its third season, this delightful reality competition features a fresh batch of special-effects makeup artists, all determined to make a mark in Hollywood.
San Antonio Current  |  Dean Robbins  |  08-23-2012  |  TV

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