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Five Reasons You Should Care About the Voter Purge in Floridanew

Florida's attempt to scrub the voter rolls isn't just sinister – it's un-American.
Orlando Weekly  |  Billy Manes and Erin Sullivan  |  06-21-2012  |  Elections

Super PAC Black Dropsnew

CD Productions has raked in more than $150,000 in campaign payments—but does it exist?
Santa Fe Reporter  |  Alexa Schirtzinger  |  06-20-2012  |  Elections

DNC 2012 Notebook: Adding a banana to the Uptown viewnew

Wednesday, Chiquita unveiled its logo on the side of the NASCAR Hall of Fame building.
Creative Loafing (Charlotte)  |  Mary C. Curtis  |  06-19-2012  |  Elections

Legal Cloud Gathers Over Scott Walker as Recall Election Approachesnew

With the recall election less than two days away, federal prosecutors are closing in on Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. There is evidence of wrongdoing after Walker's time as Milwaukee County Executive, and the federal investigation includes criminal activity during his time as governor.
Isthmus  |  Ruth Conniff  |  06-04-2012  |  Elections

Rallying the Troopsnew

Can Netroots make a difference in November – and beyond?
Boston Phoenix  |  David S. Bernstein  |  06-01-2012  |  Elections

DNC 2012 Notebook: Youth is Served (but will they vote?)new

Young voters swayed the 2008 election in Obama's favor. Will they do it again this year?
Creative Loafing (Charlotte)  |  Mary C. Curtis  |  05-29-2012  |  Elections

Democratic National Convention 2012 Notebooknew

Everyone knows the DNC won't leave Charlotte. But a petition asking for just that only adds more fuel to demonstrators' fire.
Creative Loafing (Charlotte)  |  Mary C. Curtis  |  05-24-2012  |  Elections

Mitt & the GOP Boys' Clubnew

Mitt Romney needs to reach out to women voters, but his party has few who can help him do it.
Boston Phoenix  |  David S. Bernstein  |  05-11-2012  |  Elections

A Look at the N.C. Primary Through Storifynew

The emotional tweets, election projections, neat Instagram photos, and more, including comments on the Amendment 1 vote.
Mountain Xpress  |  Caitlin Byrd  |  05-09-2012  |  Elections

Gender and age separate two change-making candidates in N.C. District 71new

Everette Witherspoon, a 34-year-old Forsyth County commissioner announced he was running for a seat in the NC General Assembly the day Larry Womble announced he wasn't.
YES! Weekly  |  Jordan Green  |  04-26-2012  |  Elections

The Fixersnew

Illegal electioneering, a dubious PAC and pay-to-play politics in Forsyth County, North Carolina.
YES! Weekly  |  Jordan Green  |  04-26-2012  |  Elections

Campaign finance reports show huge sums pouring into candidate coffersnew

Most of the Super PAC funds will roll in during the fall elections, but as we've seen in other states, Super PACs are starting to creep into our North Carolina primaries.
INDY Week  |  Kirk Ross  |  04-20-2012  |  Elections

Ideological Purity Tests Roil N.C. Republican Primary Contestsnew

Republicans hold a significant advantage in voter registration in Forsyth County, N.C., and the Republican primary is playing out as a tug-of-war between outspoken conservatives who draw hard lines on issues such as taxation, prayer before government meetings and immigration, and moderates who are willing to work more closely with Democrats.
YES! Weekly  |  Jordan Green  |  04-20-2012  |  Elections

Ranked-Choice Voting Attacked in Oaklandnew

A group with ties to Don Perata's campaign manager launches initiative to overturn instant-runoff voting.
East Bay Express  |  Robert Gammon  |  04-16-2012  |  Elections

Don't Punish Reporters or Judges for Signing Recall Petitionsnew

GOP leadership has expressed outrage over judges who have signed recall petitions against Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, and the Wisconsin State Journal is apparently taking "internal disciplinary action" against employees who exercise their First Amendment rights. This is simply not logical, and is not in keeping with our Constitution.
Isthmus  |  Kurt Karbusicky  |  04-13-2012  |  Elections

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