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Warwick Stone is the Hard Rock's King of Collectorsnew

Walking through one room on the sixth floor of the Hard Rock Hotel is a crash course in half a century of popular music. Stone is the man responsible for all this music memorabilia.
Las Vegas Weekly  |  T.R. Witcher  |  05-16-2008  |  Music

Good Nightnew

What to see during FMF when your bank account is a little low.
Orlando Weekly  |  Justin Strout  |  05-15-2008  |  Concerts

The Recession of 'No Depression'

After 13 years in print, the magazine that helped to define alt-country has decided to stop the presses for good.
Birmingham Weekly  |  Courtney Haden  |  05-15-2008  |  Music


She may be a failed stand-up comedian, but Jennifer Daniels is anything but when it comes to writing and performing songs.
Metro Spirit  |  Amy Christian  |  05-13-2008  |  Profiles & Interviews

The Far End of the Long Tailnew

Online sites offer lost classics for next to nothing.
Orlando Weekly  |  Jason Ferguson  |  05-08-2008  |  Music

When Simple Isn'tnew

Orlando's newest indie rockers Baron Von Bear are serious about their fun.
Orlando Weekly  |  Justin Strout  |  05-08-2008  |  Profiles & Interviews

Meet the Rosenthalsnew

One six-story warehouse in San Francisco is home to two generations of art stars: filmmaker/musician Henry S. Rosenthal, his wife, Carlota Anderson, and their kids George and Lou Lou of the band Lou Lou and the Guitarfish.
SF Weekly  |  Jennifer Maerz  |  05-08-2008  |  Culture

'New Yorker' Pop-music Critic Sasha Frere-Jones Chatsnew

On criticisms of his criticism, the blogosphere and quality vs. quantity.
Pittsburgh City Paper  |  Andy Mulkerin  |  04-28-2008  |  Profiles & Interviews

Backstage Passnew

With almost three decades of experience producing the annual spectacle, Ken Ehrlich provides a collection of stories sure to please any avid viewer of award shows in his book “At the Grammys: Behind the Scenes at Music’s Biggest Night.”
Metro Spirit  |  Jason Sumerau  |  04-27-2008  |  Nonfiction

To Coachella or Not to Coachella?new

Gas prices suck, the California desert is hot as hell, and Radiohead isn't playing. Here's why you still ought to bother.
Las Vegas Weekly  |  Spencer Patterson  |  04-25-2008  |  Concerts

A Guide to the Season's Best Box Setsnew

A roundup of the season's highly anticipated box sets for music and TV (with authorial "I" used liberally throughout).
Eugene Weekly  |  Chuck Adams  |  12-17-2007  |  Shopping

Coming Homenew

Essence Music Festival has joined the list of successful events, like Jazz Fest, Mardi Gras and the Saints home season, to return to New Orleans and help in the city's recovery.
Gambit  |  Alison Fensterstock  |  07-05-2007  |  Concerts

Business of fundraisingnew

Arts organizations go digital in the good search for funding sources
Metro Spirit  |  Stacey Hudson  |  07-03-2007  |  Performance

Busker Dos and Don'tsnew

Silencing street performers on Vermont's busiest pedestrian mall.
Seven Days  |  Dan Bolles  |  05-18-2007  |  Performance

On A Sinking Ship, Literally Floating On

With the help of Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr, Modest Mouse's Isaac Brock takes his ship on a drunken joyride.
Shepherd Express  |  Evan Rytlewski  |  03-20-2007  |  Reviews

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