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Bass Controlnew

Esperanza Spalding raps about her groundbreaking Grammy Award, discovering the bass and cultivating creativity.
Monterey County Weekly  |  Adam Joseph  |  09-25-2012  |  Music

Willie Nelson and a Spate of Veterans Take Their Bowsnew

Nelson has paired a decades-long string of hits with decades spent in service of them, constantly performing in front of new audiences.
INDY Week  |  Grayson Currin  |  10-20-2011  |  Music

The Right Snuffnew

Who is Artly Snuff, and why does he matter?
Austin Chronicle  |  Margaret Moser  |  07-08-2011  |  Performance

From the Hood to Higher Learning, Teen Poet Myriha Burton Steps Outnew

Only two months after penning "Flashback," Myriha Burton's first poem, the young writer found herself on stage at the eminent Apollo Theater in Harlem, reciting it once more. That wasn't even two years ago. She's since traded in her kicks for pens and local tracks for the stages across the country.
Metro Times  |  Travis R. Wright  |  01-05-2010  |  Performance

Half Baked Comic Jim Breuer Finally Grows Upnew

Jim Breuer has always rocked. The New Jersey comic hangs with Metallica, screeches AC/DC versions of "The Hokey Pokey" during his standup act, and wears Jerry Garcia's ashes around his neck in Half Baked. But in recent years, he's been rocking something else -- cradles.
Philadelphia City Paper  |  Scott Yorko  |  12-01-2009  |  Performance

Salon Culture is on the Rise in Philly as Local Art Lovers Make a Case for Intimacynew

The kind of audience-performer bond that you find at a salon helps to build a real sense of community around the arts. But who in their right mind would let their rugs get worn and their walls get smeared all in the name of intimacy, creativity and communal vibes?
Philadelphia City Paper  |  A.D. Amorosi  |  09-22-2009  |  Art

David Dingwall Stuffs His Leopard-Skin Shorts and Shoots for the Starsnew

After a lifetime of starts and stalls, after all his preparation for a comeback, it's ironic that it's the brilliant comedy video White Boy that could transform this old-school Catskills crooner into a 21st century Internet star.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Tara Murtha  |  09-21-2009  |  Performance

John Leguizamo Goes from Chi-Chi to Sidnew

John Leguizamo is currently touring with his latest performance piece, John Leguizamo Live!. I recently talked to him about the show, his past performance pieces and some tumultuous moments in his Hollywood career.
Tucson Weekly  |  Bob Grimm  |  08-12-2009  |  Theater

The Infuriated Lewis Black is Only Telling the Truth ... Just Ask Himnew

First Lenny Bruce, then George Carlin and now Lewis Black -- America continues to rely on comedians to cut through heaps of steaming bullshit (much of which is spouted from our nation's capital).
Metro Times  |  Travis R. Wright  |  07-28-2009  |  Performance

Stupid White People Tricks at the Air Sex World Championshipsnew

Driven by humor, exhibitionism and sweaty-palmed horniness, the Air Sex World Championships steamed up the Highline Ballroom in New York City with many energetic air couplings Friday night.
New York Press  |  Jamie Peck  |  06-18-2009  |  Performance

Hidden City Philadelphia Brings Long-Forgotten Landmarks Back to Lifenew

Hidden City Philadelphia, Peregrine Arts' monthlong arts festival, will house new site-specific works in spaces familiar to most by reputation, some by sight, and all by their current state of decay or dilapidation.
Philadelphia City Paper  |  A.D. Amorosi  |  06-02-2009  |  Art

Performance Bonusesnew

The State of the Nation theater and performance festival in New Orleans seeks to engage artists and audiences in social issues.
Gambit  |  Will Coviello  |  03-17-2009  |  Performance

Montreal's Edgy Women Festival Breaks Down Barriers and Wants You to Do the Samenew

Living on the edge of arts, disciplines and gender politics for six nights only is the Edgy Women Festival, Studio 303’s annual celebration of boundary pushing artists.
Montreal Mirror  |  Lina Harper  |  03-13-2009  |  Performance

Tiny Notes: Philip Glass, In Burstsnew

Small man on the stage. Hunched over a bit. High, squeaky voice, hanging face. Series of pieces, he says, from 1988. Notes repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat and veer slightly and repeat and repeat and repeat.
North Bay Bohemian  |  Gabe Meline  |  02-12-2009  |  Profiles & Interviews

Tim Reid is Still Making Race Relations Funnynew

Partnered with Tom Dreesen, now a veteran standup comic and humanitarian, Reid was half of what had to be America's first interracial comedy team, Tim & Tom. And now, somewhat reluctantly, he's having the last laugh with Dreesen, compiling the memories of that era into a fascinating new book, Tim & Tom: An American Comedy in Black and White.
Metro Times  |  Jim McFarlin  |  11-25-2008  |  Author Profiles & Interviews

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