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Lewis Black takes aim at the sad and sloppy state of American affairsnew

If you get comedian Lewis Black started on the current presidential race or the state of cable news, be prepared: He'll grumble in his growly tone for more than a few minutes. As the happiest curmudgeon on the national comedy scene, the profanity-laden rants and meandering commentaries come naturally.
Charleston City Paper  |  T. Ballard Lesemann  |  02-09-2012  |  Comedy

Man on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdownnew

Lewis Black on why we need liquor in the White House and more comics in law school.
San Antonio Current  |  Enrique Lopetegui  |  02-08-2011  |  Comedy

The Infuriated Lewis Black is Only Telling the Truth ... Just Ask Himnew

First Lenny Bruce, then George Carlin and now Lewis Black -- America continues to rely on comedians to cut through heaps of steaming bullshit (much of which is spouted from our nation's capital).
Metro Times  |  Travis R. Wright  |  07-28-2009  |  Performance

'Daily Show' Stalwart Lewis Black Hits the Roadnew

Lewis Black is pissed off. He is a constant critic of life in the United States, with all its inherent contradictions, foibles and foolishness. And all that is a good thing.
Fast Forward Weekly  |  Drew Anderson  |  05-07-2009  |  Performance

Lewis Black is on the Road Again and Still Very Pissed Offnew

The thing is, Black talks most about the things that make him angry. And when I asked him about Sen. John McCain, his Democratic rival for the presidency, Sen. Barack Obama, and all the noise and whistles that come with the campaign, he got angry.
New Haven Advocate  |  David Riedel  |  10-28-2008  |  Performance

Comedian Lewis Black Takes on His One-time Hometownnew

Black's come a long way since those first days, the earliest of which include living and working in Colorado Springs for a year. Black, who grew up in Maryland, ran a theater company that worked at Palmer High School, Fort Carson and a couple prisons.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Kirsten Akens  |  08-19-2008  |  Performance

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