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Stinky on stage: Year in revue follows Longyearbyen's tragicomic shift from a sooty town to a smelly onenew

Given all the fishy business in Longyearbyen during the past year, locals are ready to shake the coal dust from their boots and put their faith in cod. Local chums did a whale of a job baiting their fellow townsfolk during the annual revue showing just how flaky the past year was.
Icepeople  |  Mark Sabbatini  |  03-10-2016  |  Performance

Kamasi Washington: An ‘Epic’ Young Jazz Talentnew

One of jazz’s ascendant virtuosos, saxophonist Kamasi Washington wowed critics with his sprawling, three-disc debut LP, ‘The Epic.’
Metro Silicon Valley  |  Brandon Roos  |  08-10-2015  |  Performance

Censoring Burlesquenew

By defining a typical burlesque performance as adult entertainment, Indianapolis may effectively kick troupes out of the venues they know and love. Or maybe not.
NUVO  |  Scott Shoger  |  04-21-2014  |  Performance

Fixing Wikipedia's Women Problemnew

Wikipedia editor Sarah Stierch hosts a women's history-focused Wikipedia edit-a-thon at UC Berkeley to help improve the site's coverage of women.
East Bay Express  |  Zaineb Mohammed  |  04-04-2014  |  Performance

Author Series Seeks to Humanize Arab Americansnew

The Islamic Cultural Center of Northern California kicks off its fifth Islam & Authors series with Lebanese-American playwright Mona Mansour.
East Bay Express  |  Zaineb Mohammed  |  11-20-2013  |  Performance

Radiolab Goes Apocalypticalnew

On its nationwide tour, WNYC's Radiolab explores the topic of endings.
East Bay Express  |  Zaineb Mohammed  |  11-11-2013  |  Performance

Dance-Maker: Stanton Welch Celebrates Ten Years at Houston Balletnew

Stanton Welch didn't always want to be involved with dance, but, for some, dance is truly in the blood.
Houston Press  |  Adam Castaneda  |  10-09-2013  |  Performance

Acting Governornew

Donning a stiff silver crown of Thundercat hair favored by Southern ladies of a certain age—writer Molly Ivins once referred to it as “Republican hair”—Taylor moves with Ann Richards' gait, cracks wise in her accent and delivers not just information about Richards, but the essence of her colorful personality.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Tara Murtha  |  05-22-2013  |  Performance

'Extremities' sheds light on Indy's sexual violence epidemicnew

William Mastrosimone's play, which tells the story of an attempted rape, opens this week at Beech Grove's Spotlight Theatre as, in part, a fundraiser for Sexual Assault Awareness month.
NUVO  |  Madeline Szrom  |  04-17-2013  |  Performance

Ladder control problemnew

The annual controversy over Mardi Gras ladders.
Gambit  |  Charles Maldonado  |  01-22-2013  |  Performance

Frisch's 'Firebugs' offers clarion call about fundamentalists in Iran and the

Swiss playwright Max Frisch subtitled The Firebugs, a 1953 radio play that was adapted to the stage in 1958, A Learning-Play Without a Lesson.
San Antonio Current  |  Steven G. Kellman  |  10-26-2012  |  Performance

Nightmare on Grayson's final hauntingnew

Gordon Wise is talking to me, but all I can focus on are the knives. There are hatchets, daggers, and something resembling a DIY katana Japanese sword displayed just above his right shoulder on the black office wall behind him.
San Antonio Current  |  Isis Madrid  |  10-26-2012  |  Performance

Symphonie Fantastiquenew

The Green Music Center is Ruben Armiñana's most improbable milestone yet—a dazzling jewel with a long road to realization.
North Bay Bohemian  |  Nicolas Grizzle  |  09-26-2012  |  Performance

Rachel Kate Gillon and Joel T. Hamilton join the Unchained Tournew

Rachel Kate Gillon is under the impression that she has a tendency of telling really dumb, irrelevant stories. Those are her exact words.
Charleston City Paper  |  Susan Cohen  |  09-19-2012  |  Performance

Peter Aguero shares a story about Shovels and Ropenew

The second to last night, we did a show in Atlanta at Manuel's Tavern. By that time, we had all just gotten into the rhythm and it was a lot of fun. I was talking to Michael Trent from Shovels and Rope, and we were both talking about, when we get to Atlanta, let's go get tattoos.
Charleston City Paper  |  Susan Cohen  |  09-19-2012  |  Performance

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