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Sacramento rapper and convicted gang member Mozzy now one of the music industry's most-wanted commoditesnew

Mozzy is poised to become the biggest rapper ever out of Sacramento. And yet the troubled past that informs his raps and fuels his success might also lead to his demise.
Sacramento News & Review  |  Blake Gillespie  |  03-21-2016  |  Music

Full of scat: Locals extra expressive at this year's Polarjazznew

The music is mostly rock and folk, but the world's northernmost jazz festival is still an art of improvisation where dogsledding and destruction of gear in -25C twilight happens. This year's lineup had locals extra verbose on-stage and off – not always a good thing.
Icepeople  |  Mark Sabbatini  |  02-15-2016  |  Music

The music world is waking up to Halifax's Nap Eyesnew

Demure genius Nigel Chapman and his band are going big.
The Coast, Halifax's Weekly  |  Adria Young  |  02-05-2016  |  Music

Katlyn Conroy and Matt Pryor write made-to-order love songs for Valentine's Daynew

Flowers die. Lingerie fades. But songs — songs last forever...
The Pitch  |  Nick Spacek  |  01-27-2016  |  Music

Slim Jesus, Spike Lee and the art of cultural inauthenticitynew

Emcees in Chicago's underground drill-rap community are divided over which of two outsiders to dislike more.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Bill Forman  |  12-16-2015  |  Music

Why Goodie Mob's Soul Food Is the Greatest Atlanta Rap Album of All Timenew

The money. The power. The trap. The New South. The War on Drugs. The Red Dogs. The Dixie flags. The Million Man March. The Atlanta Child Murders. The black mecca. The 20th anniversary of ‘Soul Food.’ The South Had Something to Say.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Rodney Carmichael  |  12-11-2015  |  Music

Heavy Balancenew

BLACK YOGA founders release a dual CD/DVD to help you experience the darker side of Yoga in your own home.
Pittsburgh City Paper  |  Margaret Welsh  |  10-28-2015  |  Music

Lester the personnew

What it was like to sit next to Lester Bangs for six years.
San Diego Reader  |  Staff  |  09-30-2015  |  Music

Woody Guthrie called it music about folksnew

...and Valley Center's Joel Rafael agrees, finally plays a hometown show
San Diego Reader  |  Staff  |  09-22-2015  |  Music

Global Union celebrates 10 years of multicultural musicnew

When you start a music festival from scratch, it’s not supposed to go as well as Global Union has gone. But Alverno Presents’ annual world music festival is the exception that proves the rule. Neither artistic director David Ravel nor assistant director Rory Trainor would say putting the festival together is easy — either back when they were working on the inaugural 2006 edition or the 10th anniversary show later this month — but they do admit it’s been increasingly successful since day one.
Wisconsin Gazette  |  Matthew Reddin  |  09-11-2015  |  Music

Eagles of Death Metal: Stayin' Hornynew

Palm Desert's Eagles of Death Metal, at Long Last, Release a New Album.
Coachella Valley Independent  |  Brian Blueskye  |  08-28-2015  |  Music

New twist on traditional music takes Mipso farnew

Chapel Hill's Mipso has roots in Greensboro and Winston-Salem.
Triad City Beat  |  Jordan Green  |  08-25-2015  |  Music

Bob Johnston’s Great Lost Johnny Cash & Bob Dylan LPnew

Late producer set the mood for one of music’s great summits.
Austin Chronicle  |  Staff  |  08-18-2015  |  Music

Dick Dale Plays Through the Painnew

At 78 and in poor health Dick Dale is literally touring for his life.
Pittsburgh City Paper  |  Charlie Deitch  |  07-30-2015  |  Music

Unreal Thought’s processnew

Dark, icy and goth, Unreal Thought is a musical departure for three hardcore fans.
The Coast, Halifax's Weekly  |  Stephanie Johns  |  06-11-2015  |  Music

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