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#MyMadisonDay: 24 Hours in the Life of the Citynew

Freelancer Stu Levitan came up with the idea for a print piece chronicling a day in the life of Madison. We decided to take it a step further. We settled on a date (Sept. 21, 2012), cooked up a hashtag (#MyMadisonDay) and put out a call to the community to record, via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, the day's events, whether big or small.
Isthmus  |  Isthmus Staff  |  09-27-2012  |  Features

Hooray for Havana!new

Faded, crumbling and 60 years after la Revolución, Cuba’s once-notorious and time-frozen capital can still show a visitor a good time. The Mirror flies south for five days of local attractions, rum, dancing, male prostitution and “Chan Chan.”
Montreal Mirror  |  Roxane Hudon  |  08-12-2011  |  International

Furry Fandom: Art, Community and a Second Skin to Feel Comfortable Innew

It's difficult to pin down exactly when "furry" emerged as a genre. In Western culture, nonhuman characters have been popular since the days of Aesop's Fables, which date back to Greek civilization before 500 BC. However, the furry fandom as a movement traces its start back to a science fiction convention in 1980.
Pasadena Weekly  |  Claire Palermo  |  09-15-2009  |  Culture

Eight Philly Artists Tell Us How They Pay the Billsnew

The following profiles peek behind the curtain, revealing how artists' day jobs affect their work and vice versa. More specifically, they reveal how eight local artists make enough dough to get up in the morning and create paint, make music or simply entertain us.
Philadelphia City Paper  |  Molly Eichel  |  08-25-2009  |  Culture

We Crash the Rainbow Gatheringnew

In a desperate attempt to see eye-to-eye with this Rainbow family, I had even broken an eight-year hallucinogen-free run and eaten a mixture of honey and psychedelic mushrooms. But there I was, in the midst of a mellow trip, further from understanding them than I had been when I arrived.
Weekly Alibi  |  Maren Tarro  |  07-20-2009  |  Culture

My One Night As A Swingernew

Who knew that swingers are suddenly a big deal again? It's a phenomenon I thought died with the '70s -- key parties and hairy-chested men and suburban dinner parties gone terribly wrong. But apparently swinging has been rebranded for new millennium -- it's called "The Lifestyle" now, and apparently everyone is living it.
SEE Magazine  |  Jane Smith  |  07-03-2009  |  Culture

Who's Living Beyond Their Means?new

In many sectors, it seems money has been poured down the drain. Yet in Boston's glitziest watering holes, people are pouring $14 drinks down their throats like there's no tomorrow.
Boston Phoenix  |  Kara Baskin  |  06-18-2009  |  Culture

Meet the Retrosexuals ... Againnew

Enabled by Facebook, more people are rewinding their own lives, digging into their past to emerge with a current romantic partner.
Portland Phoenix  |  Deirdre Fulton  |  01-22-2009  |  Culture

Sleeping Around Craigslist: Casual Sex is Anything but Casualnew

It takes a woman about a thousand words and a condom to get laid on Craigslist. But for a woman to be laid properly -- by a passionate lover who knows what he's doing -- well, that's a whole different ball game. We should know: We are both middle-aged women who have spent the past eleven months sleeping around Craigslist.
East Bay Express  |  Anna Reed and Lily Penza  |  06-18-2008  |  Culture

'So My Boyfriend and I Went Speed Dating'new

An intrepid reporter enters the modern world of attention deficit dates.
City Pages (Twin Cities)  |  Beth Walton  |  06-18-2008  |  Culture

A Craftier Shade of Greennew

Green Girl recently found herself roaming the aisles of the fabric store. She hoped to find eco-friendly options for making a patchwork baby quilt for Junior Green Girl.
Jackson Free Press  |  Kelly Bryan Smith  |  06-16-2008  |  Culture

Colorful Characters of Memphisnew

Profiled are some of the characters who make the Bluff City unique: an artist, an entertainer, a preacher, and a protester.
The Memphis Flyer  |  Preston Lauterbach  |  06-06-2008  |  Culture

Nekkid: In the Buff and Bare-ly Legalnew

Oregon has two seasons: rainy and naked. It's time for a hard look at Northwest nudity.
Eugene Weekly  |  Camilla Mortensen  |  06-05-2008  |  Culture

What Future Awaits Polygamy's Children?new

As FLDS children in Texas begin returning to their parents, ex-sect member Kathleen Mackert asks what future awaits polygamy's children.
Salt Lake City Weekly  |  Stephen Dark  |  06-05-2008  |  Culture

Life at the Top of the Drag Queen Circuit is No Laughing Matter for Christina Leenew

Lee is a perfectionist, a diva and a professional. She’s been competing in beauty pageants for more than 15 years. After taking first runner-up at the national Entertainer of the Year Pageant in St. Louis last year, the 33-year-old thinks this might be her year to win it all, provided she can find that perfect gown.
Orlando Weekly  |  Deanna Morey  |  06-05-2008  |  Culture

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