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Modern Dating Ritualsnew

An Aesopian look at online hook-up culture. (or, how to avoid finding the Wolf at the door.)
Creative Loafing (Charlotte)  |  Megan Henshall  |  02-13-2013  |  Sex

Carpe Dayumnew

My 11 year-old son's first date leaves him more experienced than I was at 23.
Creative Loafing (Tampa)  |  Catherine Durkin Robinson  |  11-10-2011  |  Commentary

How to Find Your Hurricane Boyfriendnew

You know what a hurricane could be good for? Hurricane make-outs. Here's how to find your hurricane boyfriend.
The Village Voice  |  Jen Doll  |  08-26-2011  |  Disasters

How Not to Get a Drink Thrown in Your Facenew

The shotgun approach to dating and other ways not to pick up women.
Eugene Weekly  |  Camilla Mortensen  |  03-25-2011  |  Sex

The Snoop, or the Guy Who'll Trail You if Your Partner Suspects Cheatingnew

Chris is a private investigator with Northland Attorneys LLC. Clients frequently hire him to tail their partners, whom they suspect of cheating. We've changed his name so he can remain covert as he follows Kansas City's skulking spouses.
The Pitch  |  Nadia Pflaum  |  02-16-2010  |  Culture

Flavor of the Week: The Cabbie's Consciencenew

I hailed a taxi on 67th Street and fielded a call from Bill, whose anxious, repetitive questions made me suspect he’d entered the cokesnorting portion of the evening. When I ended the call the cab driver said I was pretty, and I thanked him. “You look young. How old you are?”
New York Press  |  Jessie Marshall  |  12-17-2009  |  Commentary

Most Guys at a Pickup Artists' 'Super-Conference' Are Just Trying to Fit Innew

Admitting that you need help with women is embarrassing and emasculating. In most cases, the decision to attend a LoveSystems boot camp is not motivated by libido; it's motivated by loneliness.
Las Vegas Weekly  |  Rick Lax  |  10-29-2009  |  Culture

How Craigslist's Missed Connections Appeals to Our Best and Worst Selvesnew

While the rise in popularity of online dating has led to dozens of websites, Craigslist manages to stand apart, due to one category -- Missed Connections.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Virginia Leise  |  07-23-2009  |  Culture

Rachel Greenwald Lays Out Common Reasons 'He Didn't Call You Back'new

I was prepared to dislike Rachel Greenwald's book Why He Didn't Call You Back, which outlines the results of 1,000 "exit interviews" she conducted with men who never initiated second dates. Surprisingly, I'll recommend this book to all of my clients.
C-Ville Weekly  |  Marya Choby  |  06-17-2009  |  Nonfiction

Can Chemistry Develop If It's Not There Already?new

Chemistry is a complex beast. In the early intoxication stage of dating, it’s easy to mistake hormones for lasting chemistry. True lasting chemistry comes from physical, emotional, and other forms of chemistry combined.
C-Ville Weekly  |  Marya Choby  |  03-25-2009  |  Advice

Observations and Stories About Sex and Dating in the 21st Centurynew

I'm obsessed with talking about sex and dating. You're obsessed with it too, whether you like to admit it or not. Everyone is.
Portland Phoenix  |  Your Secret Admirer  |  03-05-2009  |  Culture

Meet a Man Who's Offered a $1,000 Finder’s Fee for True Lovenew

Fueled by dreams of an easy payday, I scheduled lunch with Scott, which, I should disclose, is not our bachelor's real name. I don't want any of you sneaky types figuring out who he is and taking the $1,000 for yourselves.
Phoenix New Times  |  Sarah Fenske  |  02-17-2009  |  Culture

Behind the Doors of eHarmony Labsnew

A study conducted by eHarmony Labs, the research arm of the Pasadena-based dating website, concluded that the more similar partners were in their personality and the ways they responded to emotional situations, the more satisfied they were in their relationships. But not all social scientists are convinced.
Pasadena Weekly  |  Ilsa Setziol  |  02-09-2009  |  Culture

eHarmony Must Provide Services to Same-Sex Couplesnew

As part of a settlement agreement to end a sexual preference discrimination lawsuit, eHarmony must start a new online dating site allowing users to search for same-sex partners. The new service, "Compatible Partners," will be up and running by March 31.
Pasadena Weekly  |  Andre Coleman  |  12-23-2008  |  LGBT

A Guide to Inauguration Datingnew

G. Keith Harris wants a date, and he's got the bait: two tickets to Obama's inauguration, and an all-access pass to the night's balls and off-shoot parties. Packages like that are being auctioned on eBay for upward of $7,000. A date with Harris is free -- and hard to come by.
Washington City Paper  |  Amanda Hess  |  12-04-2008  |  Culture

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