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In Search of High-Quality Preschool for Allnew

Armed with her experience and a belief in the transformative power of high-quality preschool, educator Carol Thomsen seeks a venue to launch a mixed-income preschool like no other.
Palo Alto Weekly  |  Chris Kenrick  |  09-18-2012  |  Education

Who Gets Hurt in Budget Cuts?new

Quick, when budget cuts target programs like Medicare, who suffers the most? It's not a trick question.
Jackson Free Press  |  Ronni Mott  |  04-06-2012  |  Children & Families

Carpe Dayumnew

My 11 year-old son's first date leaves him more experienced than I was at 23.
Creative Loafing (Tampa)  |  Catherine Durkin Robinson  |  11-10-2011  |  Commentary

Hippie Mom Battles Grocernew

Caring about what our children eat is a good thing - up to a point.
Creative Loafing (Tampa)  |  Catherine Durkin Robinson  |  09-19-2011  |  Food+Drink

Spies Like Usnew

The slippery slope of stealth parenting.
Creative Loafing (Tampa)  |  Catherine Durkin Robinson  |  09-14-2011  |  Commentary

Why I'm Glad My Kids Aren't Normalnew

My twin sons aren't like other kids.
Creative Loafing (Tampa)  |  Catherine Durkin Robinson  |  06-20-2011  |  Commentary

10 Best Ways to Have Your Morning Ruinednew

I don’t know much about this one but according to several reliable sources, young children can be a bit unreasonable in the early-morning hours.
YES! Weekly  |  Christian Bryant  |  03-03-2011  |  Commentary

Using Yoga to Help Young People Break the Cycle of Violencenew

The Oakland-based Niroga Institute seeks to take yoga out of the world of the pale, privileged, and pliable. Giving thought to where, how, and to whom yoga is taught, the institute aims to make the practice a tool for healing communities at their sorest points.
East Bay Express  |  Marcy Rein  |  12-30-2009  |  Sports

Healthier Food Choices Through Vouchers, WICnew

Fresh fruits, vegetables and bread are among the new food items making their way into the diets of New Orleans' roughly 24,000 participants in the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC).
Gambit  |  Michael Patrick Welch  |  12-30-2009  |  Children & Families

Foster Youths in L.A.: A Before-and-After Storynew

L.A. is home to the largest foster-care agency in the U.S., with many of its 7,000 employees fighting valiantly to try to fix the system and the lives of children caught in it. But with John, on a brisk night on a corner frequented by former foster youths now homeless, you notice only the system's failings.
L.A. Weekly  |  Daniel Heimpel  |  09-11-2009  |  Children & Families

They Might Be Giants Talk About Playing Shows for Kidsnew

"They're a really tough crowd to play for," says John Linnell. "It's not unusual for them to talk through a song. Or even talk while we're talking. They don't care about the social conventions that usually account for good manners at a show. And if we play a song they don't like, they will definitely let us know."
New Haven Advocate  |  Peter Gerstenzang  |  06-16-2009  |  Profiles & Interviews

Love & Sex: Get My Driftnew

Why make a bunch of kids toss around symbols of love and romance at such an early age? It’s mindless, crazy and absurd. Then again, so are at least ninety percent of relationships.
Chicago Newcity  |  Andy Seifert  |  02-11-2009  |  Culture

Like a Virgin? How Cops Pose as Kids to Catch Internet Pervsnew

Internet sex crimes, I was told, are like crack was in the '80s: unknown and ready to explode. So the first thing I ask Lieutenant Greg Jenkins, head of the Albemarle PD Investigative Division, is, why is all this internet sex stuff such a big deal?
C-Ville Weekly  |  J. Tobias Beard  |  11-19-2008  |  Crime & Justice

How to Get Tourette's Syndrome Under Controlnew

Tourette's can be complicated, misdiagnosed, under-diagnosed and widely misunderstood.
Pasadena Weekly  |  Patti Carmalt-Vener  |  10-20-2008  |  Advice

Barack Obama's Army of the Youngnew

Though they are too young to vote, Wisconsin high school students play a key role in campaign.
Isthmus  |  Natalia Thompson  |  09-30-2008  |  Politics

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