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Overdue Foster Care Reform Coming Soonnew

Gov. Phil Bryant has started advocating for a Children’s Cabinet to help run the state’s foster-care system since his administration was forced to act on a seven-year lawsuit.
Jackson Free Press  |  Arielle Dreher  |  07-30-2015  |  Children & Families

Why Justin Harris Got Rid of Kids He Applied Pressure to Adoptnew

U.S. Rep. Justin Harris blames DHS for the fallout related to his adoption of three young girls, but sources familiar with the situation contradict his story and paint a troubling picture of the adoption process and the girls' time in the Harris household.
Arkansas Times  |  Benjamin Hardy  |  03-13-2015  |  Children & Families

Teen Pregnancy, Misunderstoodnew

The real things that cause teens to get pregnant are the exact problems he doesn't want to address— poverty, underfunded education and lack of access to quality, nonjudgmental health care.
Jackson Free Press  |  Laurie Bertram Roberts  |  05-16-2014  |  Children & Families

The Amazing Toughness of Kidsnew

All kids need is love and attention, and they'll grow into amazing people.
Jackson Free Press  |  R.L Nave  |  04-25-2014  |  Children & Families

A Summer Camp Sexual Abuse Nightmarenew

An 11-year-old sent to summer camp returns to his family with a horrible secret. Things only got worse when the camp tried to cover the incident up.
Houston Press  |  Dianna Wray  |  02-20-2014  |  Children & Families

Louisiana's Domestic Violence Problemnew

How New Orleans is combating one of the nation's highest rates of domestic violence.
Gambit  |  Alex Woodward  |  11-19-2013  |  Children & Families

Can police prevent domestic violence simply by telling offenders to stop?new

“We recently started something called the Offender-Focused Domestic Violence Initiative. Too many guys were beatin’ on women."
INDY Week  |  John H. Tucker  |  11-15-2013  |  Children & Families

Saving Veronicanew

Baby Veronica is no longer a baby. She's not even a toddler. The smiley, curly-haired little girl last seen in Charleston draped over her dad's shoulder, trailed by a flock of reporters and photographers on her way to meet and go home with her other dad, is back in Charleston.
Charleston City Paper  |  Sam Spence  |  10-02-2013  |  Children & Families

Raising Kids Au Naturalenew

Mayes Lake is a great place to unplug with kids. It offers proximity to Jackson and relative quiet.
Jackson Free Press  |  Kelly Bryan Smith  |  09-06-2013  |  Children & Families

Taking a New Look at Shaken Baby Syndromenew

Assumptions about shaken baby syndrome are now being questioned.
Phoenix New Times  |  Monica Alonzo  |  08-19-2013  |  Children & Families

Necessary or Intrusive?new

Examinations on children taken from parents is questioned on civil-rights grounds.
San Diego CityBeat  |  David Taube  |  04-16-2013  |  Children & Families

So Who Gets the Car?new

Alberta could benefit from British Columbia's clearly-defined common-law property rules.
VUE Weekly  |  Josh Marcellin  |  04-01-2013  |  Children & Families

Profitus Maxiumusnew

A private corporation by the name of Maximus is in charge of child support enforcement in Tennessee's Hamilton County, and its performance has some parents angry, confused and looking to their county and state government for answers.
The Pulse  |  John Lasker  |  03-14-2013  |  Children & Families

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