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Dumb Like a Foxnew

Rupert Murdoch's Fox News makes people stupid.
Charleston City Paper  |  Will Moredock  |  06-27-2012  |  Commentary

Media Matters Wants You to Drop Fox Like It’s Hotnew

Days before the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert rallies, a bevy of advertisements for the campaign against Fox News Channel hit stations across the D.C. Metro system last night.
Washington City Paper  |  Alex Baca  |  10-26-2010  |  Media

Cable TV vs. America: The Problem With Paid-For Punditsnew

When Franklin D. Roosevelt took office on March 4, 1933, the United States economy was in a state of near-collapse, with the nation's banks about to close. The new president came into office having pledged to balance the budget and reduce federal spending, but quickly realized that would have meant disaster.
Metro Times  |  Jack Lessenberry  |  01-27-2010  |  Commentary

The Manipulations and Media Machine Behind the Assault on Progressive Ideasnew

The right-wing commentators' success lies partly in their ability to harness core human emotions such as paranoia or envy, says Bryant Welch, a clinical psychologist, author, and expert on political manipulation.
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  Rebecca Bowe and Sarah Phelan  |  10-22-2009  |  Commentary

Forget Reform: '9-12' Protesters Want a Revolution Against Gov'tnew

Don Rodgers is the driving force behind a local group that came together in March under the auspices of the so-called 9-12 Project, the brainchild of Glenn Beck, whose rants put Obama at the center of a vast conspiracy to steal freedom from hard-working Americans.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Anthony Lane  |  09-10-2009  |  Media

What's Behind Rupert Murdoch's Paid-Content Push?new

News Corp. head honcho Rupert Murdoch recently announced he'll begin charging for online content at his company's news sites. Is this a desperate move to help the bottom line, or a last-gasp grab at journalistic respectability?
Boston Phoenix  |  Adam Reilly  |  08-12-2009  |  Media

The Year in Media Malfeasancenew

Thanks to the combination of a) the presidential race, and b) the ongoing immolation of the nation's newspaper industry -- there was a veritable cornucopia of media low points to enjoy in the bygone year.
Boston Phoenix  |  Adam Reilly  |  12-29-2008  |  Media

Why Southern Hip-Hop Is the Same as FOX Newsnew

Though FOX News and Southern rap both have anti-intellectual appeal, there's more to the story than that. Rather than simply pandering to the red-state masses, they have tapped into powerful populist sensibilities in areas that didn't previously have a national voice.
OC Weekly  |  Ben Westhoff  |  05-07-2008  |  Music

Election 2008: Did Ron Paul Break Fox News?new

Indeed he may have -- if the South Carolina GOP debate was any indication.
New Haven Advocate  |  Phil Maymin  |  01-22-2008  |  Commentary

The Clinton Challengenew

Democrats should do like Bill and confront right-wing hits head on.
Los Angeles CityBeat  |  Mick Farren  |  10-06-2006  |  Commentary

Major Networks Reject Advertising for Fahrenheit 9/11 DVDnew

Executives of Sony Pictures were stunned when CBS, NBC and ABC all refused Fahrenheit 9/11 DVD advertising during any of the networks’ news programming. The reluctance stems from the closeness of the release to the election, a Sony insider says.
L.A. Weekly  |  Nikki Finke  |  09-30-2004  |  TV

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