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In its bigotry, North Carolina makes Jesse Helms proud—againnew

We're having a bigot's revival and a bully's carnival in North Carolina, and the infection may be spreading.
INDY Week  |  Hal Crowther  |  06-04-2012  |  Commentary

The Year in Media Malfeasancenew

Thanks to the combination of a) the presidential race, and b) the ongoing immolation of the nation's newspaper industry -- there was a veritable cornucopia of media low points to enjoy in the bygone year.
Boston Phoenix  |  Adam Reilly  |  12-29-2008  |  Media

The Historic 2008 Election ... Without John Edwardsnew

The Democratic Party, the U.S. Senate, the state of North Carolina, America, the legal profession -- everything that ever provided him with an identity is going on without him.
INDY Week  |  Hal Crowther  |  10-30-2008  |  Politics

The GOP Puts All its Political Eggs in the Specious Attack Basketnew

Whether the event -- real or cooked up -- is a sexual indiscretion, tenuous association with someone with an unsavory past or extremist religious views, Democrats seem to get stuck and their GOP counterparts are able to just slip-slide their slimy way through the muck. Why is that?
Pasadena Weekly  |  Ellen Snortland  |  10-20-2008  |  Commentary

A Look at Rielle Hunternew

How local scandal begets national scandal in the charged world of Fort Lauderdale politics and business.
New Times Broward-Palm Beach  |  Bob Norman  |  09-03-2008  |  Crime & Justice

As Edwards Goes Down, He Takes the Media with Himnew

In the end, former Sen. John Edwards' affair was about a lot more than just sex. For the journalism profession, it may come to mark a historical turning point in which traditional journalists no longer set the national news agenda. And that's coming from some of the media outlets that deliberately ignored the story.
Creative Loafing (Charlotte)  |  Tara Servatius  |  08-21-2008  |  Commentary

Why John Edwards' Sex Life is Our Business Toonew

It's precisely the gross and flagrant violation of our constitution and of our national values by seven dreadful years of the Bush administration that makes Edwards' betrayal of his supporters, his donors, his funders and -- potentially -- the greater interests of his country so disgusting. I voted for this guy, damnit, and I want my vote back!
L.A. Weekly  |  Marc Cooper  |  08-15-2008  |  Commentary

John Edwards, the Gamblernew

When John Edwards finally confirmed that he had stepped out on his wife, initially I was disappointed, but not surprised. Power + overblown ego = misguided sense of invincibility & lack of caring for others. As for Elizabeth Edwards, I thought, Jesus, hasn't she been through enough.
INDY Week  |  Lisa Sorg  |  08-14-2008  |  Commentary

The Democratic Veepstakes Winners

Colin Powell and other vice president picks so crazy they might just work for Obama.
The Inlander  |  Ted S. McGregor Jr.  |  06-11-2008  |  Commentary

Edwards Donors Fill Obama's Coffersnew

John Edwards' biggest contributors in North Carolina have transferred support to Barack Obama, including Edwards' former environmental adviser and his former law partner.
INDY Week  |  Mosi Secret  |  02-20-2008  |  Politics

The Lost Cause of the John Edwards Campaignnew

His campaign manager, David Bonior, talks about what went wrong, and what's ahead.
Metro Times  |  Curt Guyette  |  02-19-2008  |  Politics

Left Out

John Edwards' departure leaves liberal Democrats without a candidate to support.
Maui Time  |  Ted Rall  |  02-12-2008  |  Commentary

John Edwards: I Am Thirdnew

But here's why I still love him.
L.A. Weekly  |  Judith Lewis  |  01-25-2008  |  Commentary

Is South Carolina John Edwards' Last Stand?new

After a poor showing in the Nevada caucus, Edwards limps into this Saturday's South Carolina primary, where polls show him running in the teens, far behind front-runners Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. He's in danger of falling below 15 percent there too -- in his native state. But it's not likely he'll quit the race.
INDY Week  |  Bob Geary  |  01-24-2008  |  Commentary

It's Time South Carolina Rediscovers John Edwardsnew

In this anti-union, corporate-friendly state, it is unlikely that Edwards can pull an upset Saturday against his two corporate-financed opponents. But a close race and a respectable third place would keep him viable and moving toward the Super Tuesday primaries and the national convention in August.
Charleston City Paper  |  Will Moredock  |  01-23-2008  |  Commentary

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