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Nikki Finke vs. The Dailynew

Rupert Murdoch's new iPad newspaper, The Daily, claims to have a new exclusive: A photo of fearsome Hollywood blogger Nikki Finke.
The Village Voice  |  Joe Coscarelli  |  02-09-2011  |  Media

Is Murdoch's WSJ Being Snubbed?new

This year’s Pulitzer Prize box score has the Washington Post taking four prizes and the New York Times snagging three. For the Wall Street Journal, this year's Pulitzer Prizes marks another distinction: another year (the third consecutive) the WSJ hasn't gotten one.
Boston Phoenix  |  Peter Kadzis  |  04-14-2010  |  Commentary

What's Behind Rupert Murdoch's Paid-Content Push?new

News Corp. head honcho Rupert Murdoch recently announced he'll begin charging for online content at his company's news sites. Is this a desperate move to help the bottom line, or a last-gasp grab at journalistic respectability?
Boston Phoenix  |  Adam Reilly  |  08-12-2009  |  Media

The Year in Media Malfeasancenew

Thanks to the combination of a) the presidential race, and b) the ongoing immolation of the nation's newspaper industry -- there was a veritable cornucopia of media low points to enjoy in the bygone year.
Boston Phoenix  |  Adam Reilly  |  12-29-2008  |  Media

How Michael Wolff Bagged Rupert Murdochnew

How did a controversial media reporter get total access to the most famous newspaper man in the world? He just asked.
Boston Phoenix  |  Daniel McCarthy  |  12-18-2008  |  Author Profiles & Interviews

Don't Bet Against Rupert Murdoch's Success with 'The Wall Street Journal'new

The real question in the "war" between the Times Co. and Dow Jones is which entity is better equipped in the next decade to both make money and publish, in whatever form, a quality product. My money is on the Murdoch family.
New York Press  |  Russ Smith  |  06-26-2008  |  Media

News Corp Dumps Fox Affiliatesnew

Two Denver Fox affiliates recently sold off by Rupert Murdoch are now enjoying their greatest success to date.
Westword  |  Michael Roberts  |  04-21-2008  |  Media

The Ballad of Hillary & Rupertnew

The Left and Right gag over an unholy political marriage.
New York Press  |  John DeSio  |  05-18-2006  |  Commentary

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