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Mississippi: The Next Stage for Progressivism?new

The Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s began with black students' protest at the Woolworth lunch counter in Greensboro, N.C. Mississippi later became its most heated battleground. Is Mississippi the next stage for today's movement of progressive activism?
Jackson Free Press  |  Joe Atkins  |  09-18-2014  |  Civil Liberties

Mississippi Sticks with Private Prisonsnew

This summer, private-prisons company MTC will take over running three Mississippi Department of Corrections facilities from The GEO Group.
Jackson Free Press  |  R.L. Nave  |  06-14-2012  |  Crime & Justice

Private Prisons, Public Problemsnew

Sometime around 3 o'clock on May 20, a disturbance at the Adams County Correctional Center in Natchez, Miss., erupted into a full-scale melee.
Jackson Free Press  |  R.L. Nave  |  06-08-2012  |  Crime & Justice

Arts on the Gulfnew

Silvery, coppery structures twist among old live oak trees near the shore of the Mississippi Sound, close to where the Biloxi Schoon­er docks. This is the site of the Ohr-O'Keefe Museum of Art, a complex of buildings that includes four metallic pods that torque like ancient, hurricane-battered trees.
Jackson Free Press  |  Valerie Wells  |  05-24-2012  |  Art

Lawmakers Laser in on Financesnew

Legislatively speaking, it was a bad week for Mississippi's new Republican majority.
Jackson Free Press  |  R.L. Nave  |  04-06-2012  |  Politics

How Local Business Stops the Brain Drainnew

It is no coincidence that the "cool" cities where young workers want to live are filled with vibrant communities of locally owned businesses where they can hang out even if they're paying their dues in a boring workplace.
Jackson Free Press  |  Valerie Wells  |  04-05-2012  |  Business & Labor

Mississippi Segregating Mentally Illnew

A growing chorus of mental-health advocates believes Mississippi should move away from an institution-based approach to treatment in favor of home care and community-based services.
Jackson Free Press  |  R.L. Nave  |  04-05-2012  |  Health

Are Anti-Immigrant Efforts Bad for Business?new

Opponents of Arizona-style anti-immigration laws say they hurt states' tax bases. Some immigrants say anti-immigrant fervor hurts their businesses bottom lines as well.
Jackson Free Press  |  R.L. Nave  |  03-29-2012  |  Immigration

A Romney Runs Through Usnew

Mitt Romney said the federal government would be a lot better off if it was run like Mississippi. Say what?!
Jackson Free Press  |  Donna Ladd  |  03-14-2012  |  Commentary

Rep. Bennie Thompson Pulls Ranknew

As a member of Congress, Bennie Thompson sees his role as a conduit for grants and other kinds of support, but he is frustrated that cities and counties in his district don't always take full advantage of federal cash.
Jackson Free Press  |  R.L. Nave  |  03-08-2012  |  Elections

Best of Jackson 2012new

Every fall for a decade now, the Jackson Free Press has asked readers to vote for your favorite local businesses, people, institutions and organizations. Thank you to all who took time to fill out the long ballot to help point this positive spotlight where it needs to shine.
Jackson Free Press  |  Donna Ladd  |  01-27-2012  |  Commentary

Pardons: The Coward's Way Outnew

How Tammy Ellis Gatlin died at hands of a man pardoned by Haley Barbour.
Jackson Free Press  |  Ronni Mott  |  01-12-2012  |  Crime & Justice

Ballet Magnificat! Marks 25 Yearsnew

As a professional ballerina, Kathy Thibodeaux began to pray about her career and her future when she became a Christian in 1979. "Should I keep dancing? Do I give up dancing?" She wondered. At that point, she says, no one in the country was really dancing for Jesus. Her Christian friends were skeptical that dancing was something a nice Christian girl should do.
Jackson Free Press  |  Briana Robinson  |  12-08-2011  |  Performance

Grassroots Mamas: ‘We Did It!’new

Just before 10 p.m. last night, Lori Gregory Garrott ran out of her Fondren home, stood on the front lawn and looked around before shouting, "We just won!" She yelled again, louder: "We just won!" The co-founder of Parents Against 26 had to tell the night sky a third time that Mississippi grassroots mamas defeated the Personhood Initiative.
Jackson Free Press  |  Valerie Wells  |  11-09-2011  |  Elections

Personhood Supporters Shocked, Undeterrednew

Supporters of Initiative 26 were unprepared for defeat Tuesday evening, as a group of about a hundred gathered after the polls closed for a "watch and pray" event. Children played in a nearby fountain while teens and adults watched election results flash on the bottom of an oversized TV projection.
Jackson Free Press  |  Elizabeth Waibel  |  11-09-2011  |  Elections

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