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Mississippi Segregating Mentally Illnew

A growing chorus of mental-health advocates believes Mississippi should move away from an institution-based approach to treatment in favor of home care and community-based services.
Jackson Free Press  |  R.L. Nave  |  04-05-2012  |  Health

Has the Time Come to Consider Real Budget Cuts for College Athletics?

As hoop fans from across the nation continue to revel in March Madness, behind the scenes university budgets continue to be whittled away. Lately, some administrators are beginning to address a set of questions that many observers doubted they ever would. Among those questions are: “Where do the cuts in college athletics need to start?” and “How deep might they need to go?”
The Athens NEWS  |  Matt Zuefle  |  03-25-2010  |  Education

A Mayor's Dozen: Sam Adams Proposes 12 Spending Hikes as the City Cuts its Budgetnew

Much ink has been spilled over Mayor Sam Adams’ budget decision to divert $20 million from Portland’s backlog of sewer-system repairs to help build new bicycle boulevards. But that’s not the only spending question facing the mayor this month.
Willamette Week  |  Beth Slovic  |  03-17-2010  |  Politics

In Little Rock, It's "King Chamber"new

Mysterious Little Rock Regional Chamber of Commerce “contractors” doing who knows what for who knows how much taxpayers' money are given preference over legitimate city functions and accountable city employees. While protecting an annual $200,000 contribution to the Chamber, the Little Rock Board of Directors has slashed the city budget ruthlessly in other areas.
Arkansas Times  |  Arkansas Times Staff  |  01-07-2010  |  Policy Issues

Is San Francisco Spending Too Much Money?new

What makes San Francisco “the worst-run big city in the U.S.?” Well, part of it, said SF Weekly, is the fact that SF spends more money per capita than any comparable city and county. In fact, according to a chart the paper included in its story, SF spends more than twice as much per capita as Philadelphia.
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  Tim Redmond  |  01-06-2010  |  Commentary

LAPD Audit: New Chief Releases a Report Showing Broad Mismanagementnew

The city may not be as safe as the 1950s like Bill Bratton often boasted, but apparently the bookkeeping by the Los Angeles Police Department is “stuck” in that decade, and a new and embarrassing audit is roiling City Hall—by explaining how bad things really are.
L.A. Weekly  |  Patrick Range McDonald and Christine Pelisek  |  12-18-2009  |  Economy

Budget Battle Shows Barbour's Mettlenew

The Mississippi state budget negotiations were like a summer blockbuster: expensive, full of strong language, boring and too long. Gov. Haley Barbour played a starring role, and like any diva, he got what he wanted much of the time.
Jackson Free Press  |  Ward Schaefer  |  07-09-2009  |  Politics

Bellicose Rhetoric Masks Real Differences Over S.F. Budget Prioritiesnew

The dueling budget rallies that preceded the San Francisco Board of Supervisors hearing on the city's spending priorities officially ended the conciliatory approach offered by Mayor Gavin Newsom.
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  Rebecca Bowe  |  06-24-2009  |  Policy Issues

Why is Orlando Slashing Public Safety Budgets When It's Got $105 Million in the Bank?new

Records show that the City of Orlando has nearly $105 million in its operating funds reserve, money set aside to save the city from economic calamity. To many, these look like the rainy days the reserve funds are intended for, but the city doesn't agree.
Orlando Weekly  |  Jeffery C, Billman  |  06-11-2009  |  Economy

Albemarle County School Board May Make Latino Liaison Position Full-Timenew

Up until last month, the Albemarle County school board Latino Center coordinator had reason to think she would be one of those county employees whose positions were terminated due to budget cuts. But at the eleventh hour, the county changed its mind.
C-Ville Weekly  |  Chiara Canzi  |  06-10-2009  |  Policy Issues

Colorado Springs City Council's Newest Member Sees Stars After Budget Beatdownnew

Like most newly chosen leaders, Bernie Herpin came to office in April with goals and visions. The newest Colorado Springs city councilor wanted to expand public safety, promote economic development, help the disabled. But reality wasted no time smacking him in the face.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  J. Adrian Stanley  |  06-09-2009  |  Politics

Minnesota Governor Cuts Healthcare for the Poornew

For over 30 years, General Assistance Medical Care has protected patients living far beneath the poverty line in Minnesota. But in the twilight of the legislative session, it became the victim of a line item veto from Gov. Tim Pawlenty's budget.
City Pages (Twin Cities)  |  David Hansen  |  06-05-2009  |  Policy Issues

Proposed SF Budget Cuts Public Health and City Employeesnew

San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom has released his proposed 2009-10 city budget, proclaiming it far better than doomsayers predicted and emphasizing how he minimized cuts to health and human services. But there's still plenty of pain in the proposal.
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  Steven T. Jones  |  06-03-2009  |  Policy Issues

In the Midst of a Fiscal Crisis, Will New York State Break its Addiction to Consultants?new

A new report from one of New York's largest unions says that the state's addiction to hiring consultants to do the work that state employees are more than capable of doing is unnecessarily costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars a year and adding to the already out-of-control deficit.
New York Press  |  Allen McDuffee  |  12-18-2008  |  Politics

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