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Praying East in West Phillynew

Meet the two mosques transforming a neighborhood.
Philadelphia City Paper  |  Daniel Denvir  |  08-19-2011  |  Religion

Holy Terror? Inside the Media's Muddled Thinking on the Fort Hood Shootingsnew

After Nidal Hasan allegedly murdered 13 people at Fort Hood, commentators offered dangerously muddled assessments of what happened and why. Now it's time for a sober look at why Hasan killed -- and what role his Muslim faith might have played.
Boston Phoenix  |  Adam Reilly  |  11-11-2009  |  Media

Documentary 'Taqwacore' Examines Muslim Punk Musiciansnew

Director Omar Majeed doesn't try to hide the artists' laziness and contradictory ideologies. His film embraces the musicians for the confused, irresponsible, sometimes delusional yet often admirable punks that they are.
NOW Magazine  |  Radheyan Simonpillai  |  10-16-2009  |  Reviews

A South Florida Muslim Leader Refused to Be a Snitch, So the Feds Tried to Destroy Himnew

The FBI's intense efforts to pressure Imam Foad Farahi into becoming an informant reveal the government's desperation to infiltrate local Muslim communities. His battle with the government is not only daring but also unusual.
New Times Broward-Palm Beach  |  Trevor Aaronson  |  10-13-2009  |  Crime & Justice

We Have Met the Nazis, and They Are Us

Godwin's Law be damned -- it's impossible to read the newly-released CIA report on the torture of Muslim prisoners without thinking of the Third Reich.
Maui Time  |  Ted Rall  |  08-31-2009  |  War

Documents on Operation Front Line Show Innocent Muslims Got Caught in Bush's Dragnetnew

Operation Front Line's stated goal was to disrupt terrorist cells that might be planning an attack during the campaign or on inauguration day. But government documents recently obtained by a team of Yale Law School students and faculty expose the program as a massive fishing expedition that hinged on racial profiling.
New Haven Advocate  |  Andy Bromage  |  11-25-2008  |  Immigration

Muslims Speak Out on the Election and Obamanew

For nearly 20 months, U.S. Muslims have watched Barack Obama fumble as he tries to debunk rumors that he's a closet Muslim. He'd best be careful. An estimated 2 million Muslims are expected to vote in November, making them a potential swing demographic.
Las Vegas Weekly  |  Damon Hodge  |  10-03-2008  |  Politics

Religious Discrimination at the Best Western?new

A Muslim employee sues after being fired for wearing a head scarf.
Seattle Weekly  |  Laura Onstot  |  09-08-2008  |  Religion

The Queer and the Qur'an: One Man's Struggle with Being a Gay Muslimnew

Ali stays in the shadows, because if he were to come out as a gay Muslim, he would lose things dearer to him than his own life: family, community, identity.
Willamette Week  |  Byron Beck  |  08-06-2008  |  LGBT

With a Halal Slaughter Facility, a Vermont Farmer Becomes an Unlikely Cultural Ambassadornew

Halal meat isn't easy to come by in the Green Mountains. "These people have a right to participate in their religious convictions," Arthur Meade suggests. "And there's no place in the state to do it. I allow people to practice their beliefs in clean, safe conditions. They bless the animals. It's a little bit of home."
Seven Days  |  Suzanne Podhaizer  |  06-13-2008  |  Food+Drink

Mubarakah Ibrahim and Her Muslim Sisters Break Stereotypes and Empower Womennew

In the two years that Ibrahim has owned New Haven's Balance Fitness, her business has been making waves far beyond the health industry. She has become something of a poster child for a breed of Muslim women who are publicly defying the stereotypes of suppressed, submissive women of Islam.
New Haven Advocate  |  Alexis Fitts  |  04-22-2008  |  Religion

Philly's Muslims Are Warming to the Political Processnew

"When someone in the Muslim community tells you, 'We don't vote,' they're coming from an old way of thinking. That really was the case; for a while we stayed away from voting, and some members still feel that way." Saadiq Abdul Jabbar was alluding to the long history of separatism in the black Muslim world. "Things have changed a lot, though."
Philadelphia City Paper  |  Jeff Deeney  |  04-15-2008  |  Politics

The Varieties of American Experiencenew

The rights and duties of the American citizen are wobbly -- these essays reflect on what it means to be an American now.
San Antonio Current  |  Staff  |  10-11-2006  |  Immigration

Prosecution or Persecution?new

Facing charges from money laundering to aiding terrorists, local Muslims say they are victims of a government witch hunt
Metroland  |  Chet Hardin  |  09-29-2006  |  Crime & Justice

Kerry's a Wuss, Dubya's a Doof; Neither Qualifies to Be Presidentnew

Here stands the morbidly irresolute John Kerry. And over there is George W. Bush in all his bantam banality. In the corner wetting himself is the ascetic conspiratard, Ralph Nader. These are not the writer's countrymen.
Phoenix New Times  |  Michael Lacey  |  10-13-2004  |  Politics

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