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'About the Most Airtight Case of Innocence'new

How a legal storm capsized a petition to free a man who's been imprisoned for three decades.
Chicago Reader  |  Michael Miner  |  04-12-2011  |  Crime & Justice

Charleston's Whites-Only Civil War Centennialnew

There is much more to the story about the Civil War's centennial than what the Post and Courier fit in a brief article in today's paper.
Charleston City Paper  |  Greg Hambrick  |  04-12-2011  |  History

Is Net Neutrality Doomed to Failure?new

The debate over net neutrality hasn't gotten much smarter since 2006, when Ted Stevens, of Alaska, opposed the Net Neutrality Act by infamously declaring that the Internet was "a series of tubes" -- but it has intensified along predictable partisan fault lines.
Boston Phoenix  |  Carly Carioli  |  04-11-2011  |  Tech

Rules of Etiquette, Decency and Fairness Should Apply Across the Boardnew

It was a quiet Thursday afternoon when a co-worker strolled into my office, sat in a chair and asked me a seemingly innocent—but loaded—question. "Why did you write about that?" His facial expression and tone were telling—it wasn't something he wanted to read about. To each his own, but what concerned me was the idea that writing about this topic was somehow wrong.
Tucson Weekly  |  Irene Messina  |  03-17-2010  |  Media

More Local News Folks Leave the Field Behind Before it Leaves Themnew

Carl Agnelly devised a backup plan, applying for work at Epic Systems, the Verona-based medical software giant. He got word he was hired last Nov. 9, his 29th birthday, and immediately told WKOW 27 he would be leaving when his contract expired at year's end.
Isthmus  |  Bill Lueders  |  03-15-2010  |  Media

How Cablevision Is Destroying Newsdaynew

The nation’s fifth-largest cable TV operator is tearing apart what was once one of the mightiest newspapers in the country. Interviews, financial documents and internal memos paint a picture of a paper under siege, both financially and journalistically.
Long Island Press  |  Christopher Twarowski and Michael Patrick Nelson  |  03-05-2010  |  Media

1-800-Adopt-a-Haitian: America, Please Step Away from Trophy Disaster Babiesnew

Let me say this with due respect to those who feel the best option for these kids is a comfy, middle-class ’burb home with loving, caring white parents and siblings: Back away from the trophy case. A lot more is necessary for a quality black life than material goods and vows to do the right thing.
Weekly Alibi  |  Gene Grant  |  02-26-2010  |  Race & Class

On the Late Molly Ivins and Her Crusade Against Corporatized Americanew

My old Columbia classmate Molly Ivins has been gone for three years now. Things have slipped fast since her funeral. Even Molly, with her keen nose for mendacity, might be amazed by the ethical dry rot that's eating away at the business of news.
INDY Week  |  Hal Crowther  |  02-12-2010  |  Media

Thanks to the Millennials, the Generation Gap is Back

This generation gap is the opposite of previous versions, in which young insurgents attacked their elders for being too arch and moralistic. Like Mulder in The X Files, they desperately want to believe: their leaders, their government, their corporate executives. And they really want to believe in technology.
Maui Time  |  Ted Rall  |  11-24-2009  |  Culture

Carl Sagan Protege Cliff Mass is Changing the Way Weather is Forecasted in Americanew

Mass is pushing the National Weather Service and the American meteorological community at large to move from a largely deterministic model of communicating weather forecasts to more complex, computer-driven "probabilistic" models.
Seattle Weekly  |  Mike Seely  |  11-23-2009  |  Science

South Carolina's Broadband: How Officials Quietly Privatized a Key State Assetnew

To its supporters, auctioning off the state's broadband spectrum has meant snaring millions of much-needed dollars for the state's ailing coffers. But opponents say the deal privatizes the public trust and will deepen the state's massive digital divide.
Columbia Free Times  |  Corey Hutchins  |  11-19-2009  |  Media

The Difference Between Deaths Here and 'Over There'

Thirteen soldiers die in Texas and it's all we talk about. Two million die in Afghanistan and Iraq and we don't notice -- and we don't even want to hear about it.
Maui Time  |  Ted Rall  |  11-12-2009  |  War

Will a New Vermont Free Speech Law Protect Website Owners from a Powerful Religious Sect?new

The Exclusive Brethren is suing the owners of a website that serves excommunicated believers. Will Vermont's new anti-SLAPP statute protect them?
Seven Days  |  Andy Bromage  |  11-04-2009  |  Religion

Tears of a Clown: On the Glenn Beck Phenomenonnew

The ex-Top 40 disc jockey, recovering drug addict and alcoholic, convert to Mormonism and the National Rifle Association, is American popular culture at its most incomprehensibly weird and offensive. He's also a huge success, a hit, a phenomenon -- a star.
INDY Week  |  Hal Crowther  |  10-30-2009  |  Media

The Manipulations and Media Machine Behind the Assault on Progressive Ideasnew

The right-wing commentators' success lies partly in their ability to harness core human emotions such as paranoia or envy, says Bryant Welch, a clinical psychologist, author, and expert on political manipulation.
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  Rebecca Bowe and Sarah Phelan  |  10-22-2009  |  Commentary

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