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Exile On Charles Street: The Life of Qayum Karzainew

Qayum Karzai owns four restaurants in Baltimore, just ran for President of Afghanistan, and according to one account, was the eminence grise behind his brother's power.
Baltimore City Paper  |  Baynard Woods  |  03-03-2015  |  Features

Barbara Lee Gets Itnew

But why isn't there more anti-war activity from progressives? There should be.
East Bay Express  |  Jay Youngdahl  |  03-31-2012  |  Commentary

Support the Marine Urination Brigade

Memo to U.S. forces: OK to invade foreign nation that posed no threat. OK to occupy said country for years. OK to impose a corrupt puppet government. OK to kill the locals. Probably OK to piss on them. Just don't film it.
Maui Time  |  Ted Rall  |  01-18-2012  |  War

Obama's "Mission Accomplished"

War is an addiction. We could quit any time.
Maui Time  |  Ted Rall  |  12-15-2011  |  War

August Deadly for Iraqis and U.S. Soldiers in Afghanistannew

August was not easy for U.S. service members in Afghanistan. It was the deadliest month in that part of the Middle East, with 66 casualties.
Weekly Alibi  |  Marisa Demarco  |  09-01-2011  |  War

We Learned Nothing From 9/11

They say everything changed on 9/11. No one can dispute that. But we didn't learn anything.
Maui Time  |  Ted Rall  |  08-29-2011  |  Commentary

American Dogs Count More Than Afghan People

Don't news consumers have the right to hear from the "other" side of the story? Or must we continue the childish pretense that the Taliban are all women-hating fanatics incapable of rational thought while "our guys" are all benevolent and pure of heart?
Maui Time  |  Ted Rall  |  08-24-2011  |  Media

Central Asian Tsunami Will Be 100 Times Worse Than Japan

The earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan last week has killed at least 10,000 people. The coming inland tsunami in Central Asia will be 100 times worse—and it's avoidable.
Maui Time  |  Ted Rall  |  03-16-2011  |  Disasters

The Longest Warnew

After nine years, it’s still hard to tell what American troops are fighting for in Afghanistan -- except one another.
Fort Worth Weekly  |  Don Jones  |  01-13-2011  |  War

American Grocersnew

Samir Itani got rich sending expired food overseas to U.S. troops in the Middle East.
Houston Press  |  Paul Knight  |  12-17-2010  |  War

Religion Clouds Aid In Afghanistannew

The former head of Canada’s aid program in Afghanistan has expressed concern that Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s religious beliefs are hampering humanitarian efforts.
The Georgia Straight  |  Travis Lupick  |  12-16-2010  |  International

How I Conned the Taliban

The Taliban can be fooled too -- as I learned during my own top secret mission deep in the deepest valleys between the highest mountains of the Hindu Kush.
Maui Time  |  Ted Rall  |  11-30-2010  |  War

A Surplus of Information is Making the War Invisiblenew

New camo for the army, and data dumps from Wiki Leaks. The war is vanishing in plain sight.
Hartford Advocate  |  Greg Beato  |  08-26-2010  |  Commentary

Economics of War and Fearnew

In a war economy much of what gets built gets blown up, destroyed, or wasted, as it were, on the unquestionable goal of winning.
Random Lengths News  |  James Preston Allen  |  08-09-2010  |  Commentary

Rough Seas Aheadnew

Will the economy, the oil spill, and Afghanistan conspire to sink Obama's presidency?
Boston Phoenix  |  David Bernstein  |  07-15-2010  |  Commentary

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