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Sustenance and survival: the story of Yamazushinew

No comparison, no competitor: Serving a grandiose eight-course Japanese tasting menu and seating only 10 diners per night, a meal at Yamazushi is unrivaled by any other restaurant in the area.
INDY Week  |  Victoria Bouloubasis  |  05-02-2013  |  Food+Drink

A Study in Resolvenew

Michelle Magdalena’s journey to tsunami-ravaged Japan led her to believe she is viewing a most patriotic time in the world’s history.
Monterey County Weekly  |  Kera Abraham and Mary Duan  |  08-08-2011  |  Features

Could a Nuclear Meltdown Happen in South Louisiana?new

The nuclear disaster that continues to unfold at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant raises questions about safety in south Louisiana, a hurricane-prone region powered by three nuclear reactors in the state and neighboring Mississippi.
Gambit  |  Julien Gorbach  |  04-12-2011  |  Environment

Radioactive Cocktailnew

As Japan's Fukushima Daiichi reminds us, spent fuel rods remain ‘hot’ for generations to come.
Sacramento News & Review  |  Ed Smeloff  |  04-01-2011  |  Disasters

In Seismic Shocknew

It's hard to know how to process the apocalyptic images coming from Japan.
NOW Magazine  |  Eli K. Priest  |  03-22-2011  |  Disasters

Central Asian Tsunami Will Be 100 Times Worse Than Japan

The earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan last week has killed at least 10,000 people. The coming inland tsunami in Central Asia will be 100 times worse—and it's avoidable.
Maui Time  |  Ted Rall  |  03-16-2011  |  Disasters

Rising Brew Culture: Japan is Producing Some World-Class Beernew

There’s another invasion coming from the land of Godzilla — an attack from Japan’s emerging craft beer scene. You may laugh at the notion of Japan making great beer, but it’s producing some of the world’s best, with 13 brews already on the shelves at Calgary beer stores.
Fast Forward Weekly  |  Mike Tessier  |  01-14-2010  |  Food+Drink

The Midwest's First Celebration of all Things Yaoi: Where the Screaming Never Stopsnew

Yaoi (pronounced "yowee") is stories of beautiful, deeply emotional boys who are desperately in love with each other. One can find these erotic tales in Japanese comic books or watch the animated versions on DVDs that are sold at mainstream bookstores.
Riverfront Times  |  Aimee Levitt  |  12-11-2009  |  Books

Trendzilla: Purikura (a.k.a. Giant Expensive Japanese Photo Booths)new

These are digital booths that can be as large as a storage closet and can comfortably fit four or more. Inside, you'll find props to sit on -- anything from a bench with a green screen behind you to padded diner booths.
OC Weekly  |  Vickie Chang  |  11-11-2008  |  Fashion

'Famous Suicides' Takes on Love and Loss, in Chicago and Ancient Japannew

Mura's book takes as its epigraph Walter Benjamin's oft-repeated statement that history is a tale told by the victors, but the novel shows up this line as a lie. History belongs not to the winners but to the writers and the survivors, who never really win.
Willamette Week  |  Matthew Korfhage  |  10-16-2008  |  Fiction

The Phillies' So Taguchi has Lost His Waynew

But the slumping outfielder remains determined to find it.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  G.W. Miller III  |  07-14-2008  |  Sports

Game Show Imports Like 'Wipeout' are a Study in Orientalismnew

Poking fun at the insanity of a Japanese game show isn't new. But now that mockery is being married with a shrewd commercialism as the very concepts that were once gently derided are Americanized.
Willamette Week  |  Daniel Carlson  |  07-09-2008  |  TV

Whale Warsnew

In an epic battle on the frigid Antarctic seas, environmentalists try to stop Japanese "research" whaling.
Los Angeles CityBeat  |  Dean Kuipers  |  01-20-2006  |  Animal Issues

Takahiro Omori's Pursuit of Bass Fishing in Americanew

Takahiro Omori, who won the Super Bowl of bass fishing this year, came to the U.S. to pursue his dream against his father's wishes.
Dallas Observer  |  Paul Kix  |  09-24-2004  |  Sports

Mystery Novel Talks About Oysters, War Brides and Fusion Cuisinenew

The notions of change, adaptability, and cross-cultural fusion are central to Sujata Massey's stunning seventh novel, where the unlikely story lines of Asian oysters repopulating the Chesapeake, a buzzing new fusion restaurant in Washington, D.C., and the grim consequences of the Vietnam War meld into a seamless whole.
Baltimore City Paper  |  Lizzie Skurnick  |  08-24-2004  |  Author Profiles & Interviews

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