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Sarah Schulman's Future Perfectnew

In The Mere Future, the New York author emerges as a unique voice in speculative fiction.
East Bay Express  |  Ellen Cushing  |  11-14-2011  |  Author Profiles & Interviews

The Kardashian Index: The Leading Economic Indicators and America’s Fictional Economynew

The worm really has turned, and the center of gravity has tilted east. Next there will be dried cuttlefish stands at Yankee Stadium. This is a sign that the rest of the world has started adjusting to the idea that U.S. economy is still fictional, and will probably remain that way.
Hartford Advocate  |  Cintra Wilson  |  03-18-2010  |  Commentary

Joshua Ferris’ Second Novel Has Legs and Knows How to Use Themnew

Whereas Illinois native Joshua Ferris, author of the award-winning debut novel Then We Came to the End, voluntarily relocated to New York, the protagonist of his thoughtful and unsettling second novel, The Unnamed, finds that a force beyond his control governs his physical movement.
New York Press  |  Rayyan Al-Shawaf  |  01-14-2010  |  Fiction

'Death By Oboe': Fiction Contest '09 Winnernew

From the Judge: Death By Oboe invites us into a complete, quirky and tangible world. It isn't self-indulgent, but doesn't hesitate to linger over odd, honest details like the jostling of a roomful of porcelain figurines — a moment both physically present and emotionally revealing.
Philadelphia City Paper  |  Jessica Penzias  |  01-05-2010  |  Original Work

The New Gay Romance, By and For Straight Womennew

One evening, a small crowd gathers at the Hustler Hollywood store on Sunset Boulevard for a reading of James Buchanan’s new romance novel, Personal Demons. In the book, a gay FBI agent is about to make love to his boyfriend, an LAPD officer.
L.A. Weekly  |  Gendy Alimurung  |  12-18-2009  |  Books

Madison Smartt Bell Brings the Civil War to Your Doorstepnew

Devil's Dream's frontispiece includes a photograph of the small-eyed, dark-bearded Civil War general Nathan Forrest. Prepare to flip back to that single photograph over and over again as you read.
Baltimore City Paper  |  John Barry  |  12-08-2009  |  Fiction

John Irving is Once Again in Full Control of the Narrative in 'Last Night In Twisted River'new

In his latest book, Irving entertains with the grace of a novelist who knows how to be funny without hitting the reader over the head.
NOW Magazine  |  David Silverberg  |  11-16-2009  |  Fiction

Barbara Kingsolver Makes a Misstep as She Tries to Make Her Point in 'The Lacuna'new

Kingsolver has created a reserved, unassuming character in Harrison Shepherd. He's so unassuming, in fact, that he becomes a cipher. Kingsolver's trademark nuanced characterization is not well-served by this collaged point of view.
Tucson Weekly  |  Christine Wald-Hopkins  |  11-11-2009  |  Fiction

Manhattan Goes Meta in Jonathan Lethem's 'Chronic City'new

Unlike Pynchon in The Crying of Lot 49, which this book at first resembles, Lethem keeps his readers (and his narrator) at too critical a distance, and explains far too much, and thus leaves me still waiting for that novel where Lethem finally knocks one all the way into the bleachers.
Willamette Week  |  Matthew Korfhage  |  10-21-2009  |  Fiction

Josh Bazell Turns His ER Experience into the Year's Best Debut Novelnew

Bazell, who wrote Beat the Reaper while working on his residency at a California hospital, crafted an ingenious, fast-paced thriller that also managed to be a work of art.
New Haven Advocate  |  Drew Taylor  |  10-20-2009  |  Fiction

'Putrefaction Live' Looks at Paradoxes on the Reznew

Warren Perkins' new novel is worthwhile for its authentic feel, although the plot development is a bit sketchy.
Tucson Weekly  |  Christine Wald-Hopkins  |  10-15-2009  |  Fiction

Nick Cave's New Novel is All Sex, Drugs and Hand Creamnew

When I interviewed Nick Cave for the Phoenix three years ago and he told me -- drolly, languidly, literarily -- that his next writing project was about "a sexually incontinent hand-cream salesman" on the south coast of England, I assumed he was taking the piss.
Boston Phoenix  |  James Parker  |  10-08-2009  |  Fiction

'The Wonder' Has a Dancer's Gracenew

The question of passion fuels Diana Evans' lushly imaginative second novel The Wonder.
The Georgia Straight  |  Patty Jones  |  10-05-2009  |  Fiction

Dan Brown's Latest Saga Thrills Until it Drops the Threadnew

The ending sucked. Sorry to be so abrupt, but I appreciate that this is a long review, and I appreciate that you might not finish it, and unlike some other book reviewers, I can't in good conscience discuss The Lost Symbol without bringing up the ending.
Las Vegas Weekly  |  Rick Lax  |  09-24-2009  |  Fiction

Douglas Coupland's New Novel 'Generation A' is Funny Yet Disturbingnew

Douglas Coupland caught the spirit of his own time in his breakthrough Generation X. Now he's figured out how to tune into the zeitgeist of the future.
NOW Magazine  |  Susan G. Cole  |  09-21-2009  |  Fiction

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