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Virginia's Neglected Patch of Civil War Battlefieldsnew

Over a century after the real skirmish, the Battle of Waynesboro unfolds on a privately held piece of land that once belonged to Confederate Major William Patrick.
C-Ville Weekly  |  Brendan Fitzgerald  |  06-28-2011  |  History

For the Left, the Civil War Must be Just About Slaverynew

On the 150th anniversary of the Civil War and the battle of Fort Sumter, MSNBC television host Rachel Maddow said on her evening program, "The fact that the first shots were fired in South Carolina specifically came as no surprise."
Charleston City Paper  |  Jack Hunter  |  04-20-2011  |  Commentary

Charleston Staged a World-Class Civil War Commemorationnew

The Civil War Sesquicentennial observance is over, and I'm already thinking about the bicentennial. In the meantime, I would like to hand out kudos to the people of Charleston and South Carolina for the way they conducted themselves through these uncertain times of change.
Charleston City Paper  |  Will Moredock  |  04-20-2011  |  Commentary

By 2061, Will We Know What Started the Civil War?new

On Tuesday, we heard the first shots of the Civil War re-enacted at Fort Sumter, 150 years after the real shots that inspired them. At first blush, it would seem that all is peace, nostalgia, and remembrance in the sesquicentennial of America's bloodiest war.
Charleston City Paper  |  Will Moredock  |  04-13-2011  |  Commentary

Charleston's Rich Sought Shelter in the North Carolina Mountains During Civil Warnew

More than a few paintings of Charleston during the Civil War show the Holy City's nobility observing the fighting around them. But that wasn't the case for most of Charleston's elite, many of whom spent the war years in Flat Rock, N.C.
Charleston City Paper  |  Greg Hambrick  |  04-12-2011  |  History

Charleston's Whites-Only Civil War Centennialnew

There is much more to the story about the Civil War's centennial than what the Post and Courier fit in a brief article in today's paper.
Charleston City Paper  |  Greg Hambrick  |  04-12-2011  |  History

Slavery Was the Pivotal Issue for Charleston's 'Mercury'new

At the dawn of the Civil War, the editors at the Charleston Mercury were incensed.
Charleston City Paper  |  Greg Hambrick  |  04-11-2011  |  History

Remembering the Other Civil War ... the One We are Still Fightingnew

Have we grown up enough to see our history more accurately and fairly? Will we continue to hide from our past? Are we ready to face that other civil war, the one that still divides us, the one that we read about in our newspapers every day? Will that war ever be over?
Charleston City Paper  |  Will Moredock  |  04-11-2011  |  Commentary

The Old Slave Mart is One of the Few Museums to Expose America's Shameful Pastnew

Although we as a country are about to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Civil War and the end of slavery, the history of those slaves is still a taboo subject for many museums. But in Charleston, this subject has finally become a part of plantation tours and museum exhibitions.
Charleston City Paper  |  Michael Smallwood  |  04-08-2011  |  History

Stegelin's Cartoon: Civil War Sesquicentenialnew

Civil War Sesquicentenial
Charleston City Paper  |  Steve Stegelin  |  04-07-2011  |  Cartoons

The War Over the Meaning of the Civil War is Less Civil Than Evernew

There is a difference between being politically incorrect and being racist. But there is no difference between whitewashing Southern history and refusing to tell the region's entire history, which requires deviating from the politically correct parameters of black and white.
Charleston City Paper  |  Jack Hunter  |  04-07-2011  |  Commentary

The Story of a Boy and His Infatuation with the Rebel Flagnew

You can revoke my liberal credentials if you like, but the truth of the matter is this: I am a Rebel.
Charleston City Paper  |  Chris Haire  |  04-07-2011  |  History

Charleston Galleries Commemorate the Civil War Sesquicentennialnew

In commemoration of the Civil War Sesquicentennial, two of Charleston's most renowned art houses, the City Gallery at Waterfront Park and the Gibbes Museum of Art, are gearing up to host exhibitions that explore differing aspects of the war, from the battles themselves to slavery to the civil rights movement that emerged years later.
Charleston City Paper  |  Lisa Ryan  |  04-06-2011  |  Art

Let's Stop Arguing About the Civil Warnew

Instead of rehashing our disagreements about how the Civil War started, we should ask if there are lessons that can be learned from the conflict that are still applicable today. Although the specific issues may have changed, several others are still relevant.
Charleston City Paper  |  Dwayne Green  |  04-06-2011  |  Commentary

Seceding from Historynew

Slavery apologists are using the 150th anniversary of the Civil War to whitewash history.
The Texas Observer  |  David Martin Davies  |  02-17-2011  |  History

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