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Farewell, Jack Laytonnew

Canada grieves a hero.
NOW Magazine  |  Michael Hollett  |  08-26-2011  |  Politics

The Economy is Greatnew

Brace yourself for a brave new world.
Fast Forward Weekly  |  Trevor Scott Howell  |  07-28-2011  |  Economy

Great White Hopenew

Canadian rapper Classified makes a run for the border.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Chris Parker  |  07-07-2011  |  Profiles & Interviews

Let's Make a Deal: Coalition Governments May Be Canada's Futurenew

Coalition has become a dirty word in Canadian politics, but they may actually be more democratic than the mess we have now.
VUE Weekly  |  Samantha Power  |  04-28-2011  |  Elections

Closed Door Policy: Conservative Policies Close Canada's Bordersnew

While Conservatives have spent the last five years in power publicly trying to build up their "ethnic vote," the party has also been responsible for closing Canada's doors to immigrants and refugees.
VUE Weekly  |  Samantha Power  |  04-25-2011  |  Immigration

Stephen Harper Promised Change but Delivered More of the Samenew

Stephen Harper's five-year reign of muzzling media, ‘dunderhead’ economics and ethics failure.
Fast Forward Weekly  |  Trevor Scott Howell  |  04-25-2011  |  Elections

Religion Clouds Aid In Afghanistannew

The former head of Canada’s aid program in Afghanistan has expressed concern that Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s religious beliefs are hampering humanitarian efforts.
The Georgia Straight  |  Travis Lupick  |  12-16-2010  |  International

Olympic Closing Ceremonies Get Surrealnew

It was only natural that tonight’s Olympic closing ceremonies would feel like a strange, flaring, echoing dream. The walk to B.C. place for the 5:30 p.m. start was only a couple of hundred yards from where I’d just seen Sidney Crosby score one of the biggest goals in Canadian hockey history.
The Georgia Straight  |  Brian Lynch  |  03-01-2010  |  Sports

The Thermals Write An Olympic Anthemnew

Well, isn’t this good timing. Just three days before the Winter Olympics start in Vancouver, BC, everyone’s favorite punk band the Thermals have penned an ode to the land of hockey, poutine, and mounties.
Willamette Week  |  Michael Mannheimer  |  02-10-2010  |  Reviews

The World Rightly Sees Canada as the Villain at the Copenhagen Climate Change Talksnew

as the Canadian government tries to block climate change agreements to protect tar sands development, we're seen as the bad guy. Or, as British journalist George Monbiot writes, an "immediate threat to the global effort to sustain a peaceful and stable world."
The Coast, Halifax's Weekly  |  Bruce Wark  |  12-11-2009  |  Environment

As PR Grows and Journalism Shrinks, Who Will Separate Fact from Fiction?new

The H1N1 vaccine rollout in Canada has been a complete gong show, a cacophonous torrent of contradictory messages flying in all directions. The communication has gone completely haywire, and it's not just government spreading confusion.
Fast Forward Weekly  |  Jeremy Klaszus  |  11-17-2009  |  Media

Stephen Harper's Colombia Free-Trade Cover-Upnew

In 2008, the House of Commons Standing Committee on International Trade issued a report calling for an independent human rights impact assessment before any free-trade deal with Colombia was signed. But Canada's prime minister beat the committee to the punch by announcing that an agreement had already been reached.
NOW Magazine  |  Andrew Cash  |  11-02-2009  |  Politics

How Canada Got Caught in an Afghan Election That Doesn't Add Upnew

The news on the Afghan election, backed so earnestly by Canada and its $35 million contribution, has gone from terrible to tragic.
NOW Magazine  |  Paul Weinberg  |  10-16-2009  |  International

Canada's Harmonized Sales Tax Will Hurt Alternative Healthnew

Peter Wood, a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, is just one of many B.C. health professionals who are going to have to start charging the 12-percent harmonized sales tax when it comes into effect next July.
The Georgia Straight  |  Gail Johnson  |  08-18-2009  |  Science

Sex Workers Organize and Push for Decriminalization, but Meet Stiff Oppositionnew

In an effort to make sex work safer, not to mention stabilize and legitimize the industry, Susan Davis has helped found the West Coast Cooperative of Sex Industry Professionals.
SEE Magazine  |  Angela Brunschot  |  08-13-2009  |  Sex

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