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Sasha Van Bon Bon Recalls Her Striptease Days in Her Stage Memoir 'Neon Nightz'new

For Sasha Van Bon Bon, there is an odd sense of nostalgia about the ’90s. The Mirror’s veteran sex columnist, who’s been doling out sage advice on all things carnal to readers for over 15 years, worked as a stripper for much of that decade.
Montreal Mirror  |  Matthew Hays  |  03-12-2010  |  Theater

The Stripper Mobile Rolled Into Miami Super Bowl Weekend, and No One Noticednew

They are dancers, not strippers, the girls tell you. Girls who are done adjusting bra straps inside the Super 8 motel and are now trotting in their high, heavy heels to a ridiculous contraption on wheels, the Stripper Mobile.
Miami New Times  |  Natalie O'Neill  |  02-22-2010  |  Sex

Milford, Conn. is Spending Big Bucks For the Chance to Regulate Smutnew

The stripper, in a skirt so short it only covers half her butt cheeks, turns her back to a group of marginally interested men. She drops to all fours, jiggles her butt in their faces and spanks herself. To date, Milford has spent $258,730.45 in legal fees to prevent scenes like this one
New Haven Advocate  |  Betsy Yagla  |  01-12-2010  |  Sex

Oregon's Most Litigious Stripper is Out to Reform the Industrynew

Zipporah Foster insists strippers deserve to be paid a minimum wage like any other worker. She and other dancers around the country are beginning to take a stand, and a handful have successfully sued for back wages.
Willamette Week  |  James Pitkin  |  11-18-2009  |  Business & Labor

How Does the Bad Economy Affect Connecticut's Sex Trade?new

Connecticut sex workers are increasing advertising and considering returning to street-walking during the recession.
New Haven Advocate  |  Erin Holroyd  |  06-30-2009  |  Sex

Gone Daddy Gone: The End of Big Daddy'snew

An eccentric New Orleans Bourbon Street landmark shuts its doors after 40 years of the daily bump and grind.
Gambit  |  Alison Fensterstock  |  12-16-2008  |  Business & Labor

A Stripper, a Mobster, and a Murder (Yep, That's Miami...)new

Jeanette Smith was sodomized, strangled, and tossed into the Everglades.
Miami New Times  |  Natalie O'Neill  |  11-25-2008  |  Crime & Justice

Cop Charged with 49 Felonies Pleads Guilty to Two Misdemeanors, Goes Freenew

Was David Lewis a pervert who used his police powers to terrorize vulnerable young women? Or was this case coldly concocted -- as Lewis insists -- in retaliation for his sniffing around the a strip club for information possibly linking the state's attorney's office with gangs, prostitution, and cocaine?
Illinois Times  |  Dusty Rhodes  |  08-14-2008  |  Crime & Justice

The Best and Worst Songs to Strip Tonew

In her funny, creepy sad Candy Girl, Oscar-winning Juno screenwriter Diablo Cody writes (correctly) that R. Kelly's "Remix to Ignition" is the best song to strip to, sitting atop the No. 1 position with a cluster she calls "any hip-swiveling R&B fuckjam."
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Brian McManus  |  08-04-2008  |  Music

While You're at Work, Miami's Exotic Dancers Put on a Naked Lunchnew

While some poor chumps swing by the Wendy's drive-through, their friskier frugal counterparts are wise to the cheap eats and eyefuls offered at the bevy of Miami strip clubs open at noon. Where there's hunger, someone is bound to feed it.
Miami New Times  |  Janine Zeitlin  |  07-28-2008  |  Culture

Frank Colacurcio and His Million-Dollar Empire of Fleshnew

Getting accused by the feds of running a high-stakes prostitution racket is just business as usual.
Seattle Weekly  |  Rick Anderson  |  07-15-2008  |  Crime & Justice

African-American Male Exotic Dancers Protect Their Rights in 'Don't Hate'new

The documentary patiently deconstructs the myth of adult entertainment as the last refuge of the unemployed and anti-social through the story of Jim Bell's fight against one Maryland county legislature's attempts to outlaw the traditional etiquette for tipping an exotic dancer.
Baltimore City Paper  |  Violet Glaze  |  06-03-2008  |  Profiles & Interviews

Las Vegas Stripnew

Vintage vixens of yesteryear meet up with the neo-burlesque starlets of today at the 16th Annual Miss Exotic World Pageant, one big glittering bridge to the ecdysiastical generation gap.
Metro Times  |  Sarah Klein  |  06-07-2006  |  History

Tits and Grits

All you can eat and all the boobs you can see before noon.
Creative Loafing (Charlotte)  |  Jared Neumark  |  02-01-2006  |  Culture

Sex Thiefnew

Over 25 years and six dropped rape cases, Hy Doan has perfected the art of stealing sex.
Cleveland Scene  |  Denise Grollmus  |  09-22-2005  |  Crime & Justice

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