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A First Class Bitchnew

Young Adult is pitch (perfect) black comedy.
Boise Weekly  |  George Prentice  |  12-07-2011  |  Reviews

How Exactly is Diablo Cody's Update of the Rape-Revenge Shocker 'Feminist'?new

In the earlier rape-revenge movies, patriarchy was an evil to be overcome. In Jennifer's Body, on the other hand, an opening voice-over tells us that "hell is a teenaged girl"—or more precisely, the friendships between teenage girls. Cody claims that's feminist, but I must confess, I don't see it.
Chicago Reader  |  Noah Berlatsky  |  09-28-2009  |  Reviews

Hollywood Product: 'Jennifer's Body'new

While most mainstream horror films barely have a single idea, Cody's script for Jennifer's Body goes off in too many thematic directions, including high school spoof, female-phobic shlock and feminist empowerment fantasy.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Curt Holman  |  09-22-2009  |  Reviews

'Jennifer's Body': Your Average Sensitive Teen Slasher Picnew

While screenwriter Diablo Cody has been accused of being overly precious, here her cleverly worded script is streamlined to fit into the slash 'n' sex genre of horror. While the quips come fast, funny, and furious, it never slows down the plot or Kusama's thoughtful direction, which often reveals the underlying truths behind Cody's deceptively glib teen-speak.
The Portland Mercury  |  Wm. Steven Humphrey  |  09-18-2009  |  Reviews

'Jennifer's Body' is 'Heathers' as a 'Maxim' Photo Spreadnew

Jennifer's Body begs for outraged reviews condemning it as repellent and vindictive, when in fact it is derivative and incompetent. If it were not written by Diablo Cody, it would be completely ignored. In fact, it can still be ignored.
Willamette Week  |  Aaron Mesh  |  09-16-2009  |  Reviews

The Best and Worst Songs to Strip Tonew

In her funny, creepy sad Candy Girl, Oscar-winning Juno screenwriter Diablo Cody writes (correctly) that R. Kelly's "Remix to Ignition" is the best song to strip to, sitting atop the No. 1 position with a cluster she calls "any hip-swiveling R&B fuckjam."
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Brian McManus  |  08-04-2008  |  Music

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