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Art Rises from the Ruins in Detroit

Detroit, site of the AAN convention last weekend, is a city with an infrastructure built for 2 million people that supports a population about a third of that size.
YES! Weekly  |  Jordan Green  |  06-14-2012  |  Art

Ghost Town Renegadenew

An owner of 93-year-old store stands tall as the neighborhood dies around him
Metro Times  |  Detroitblogger John  |  08-25-2011  |  Features

Arms around the citynew

Neighborhoods Day showcases a vibrant, positive, united Detroit.
Metro Times  |  Larry Gabriel  |  08-05-2011  |  Features

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Womannew

Aretha Franklin's early years -- which is to say before she had discovered her style of soul or become its queen -- come into focus in Columbia Anthology.
Metro Times  |  Brian Smith  |  07-15-2011  |  Music

Meet Detroit's New Breed of Chef: They're Tattooed and Hang Like Rockstarsnew

The 26-year-old Dan Maurer is, um, quite a character. When he's excited, he weaves together sentences densely laced with so much swaggering profanity it sounds like a monologue from Ricky of the Trailer Park Boys.
Metro Times  |  Michael Jackman  |  03-23-2010  |  Food+Drink

Nearly 30 Detroit Ex-Pat Artists Living in NYC Tell Us to Stay Putnew

For any cognizant creative whose finger is on the pulse of this ailing city, the news of one relocating to New York is a cliché. And other places too. Want to move to L.A.? Good luck.
Metro Times  |  Travis R. Wright  |  03-23-2010  |  Art

Bombs, Burns and Coloring Books: Decoding Graffiti with Kobie Solomonnew

Before getting into the charred thickets of east Detroit, you'll pass the old train yard. In certain areas you'll see stray dogs, vagabonds, curious shutterbugs, countless pounds of broken glass and gnarly graffiti art. It's been that way for decades.
Metro Times  |  Travis R. Wright  |  02-23-2010  |  Art

A Detroit Neighborhood Fights for its Life, and an Ex-Cop Leads the Waynew

Earlier that day, James "Jack Rabbit" Jackson — a retired cop — parked his car in front of a dealer's house and pointed a video camera at him in a blatant effort to disrupt his business. It drove the guy away. Now he was coming back for Jackson and Jackson was waiting for him.
Metro Times  |  Detroitblogger John  |  02-23-2010  |  Crime & Justice

Amid the Detroit Schools Chaos, Who Helps Parents?new

Through her comments on Fox News and elsewhere, Sharlonda Buckman is stirring controversy. And the Detroit Parent Network is poised as an increasingly important player in the turf battles over education in Detroit. With increased importance is likely to come increased scrutiny.
Metro Times  |  Sandra Svoboda  |  12-29-2009  |  Education

Why is Dallas City Hall Trying to Bury the Burgeoning Farmers Market Movement?new

How many people in Dallas know that our downtown farmers market is outclassed and outperformed by the farmers market in Detroit? Or that Dallas is way deeper into government control and regulation of farmers markets than Detroit?
Dallas Observer  |  Jim Schutze  |  12-28-2009  |  Politics

Local or Not? A Brief Guide to Whether 'Detroit' Brands Are Really from Detroitnew

It's not always easy knowing for certain what's local and what's not. Part of it depends on how you want to define the term. In reality, there's a spectrum of what qualifies as local, with the purest light coming from those companies that are locally owned with local manufacturing facilities.
Metro Times  |  Curt Guyette  |  08-25-2009  |  Business & Labor

Why's the Detroit Mayoral Race Getting So Little Attention When So Much is On the Line?new

What's that you say? There's a mayor's race going on in Detroit? If this is news to you, or if you are vaguely aware that a mayoral primary will be held Aug. 4, but have no clue about the quintet of challengers vying to unseat newly elected incumbent Dave Bing, you can be forgiven.
Metro Times  |  Curt Guyette  |  07-28-2009  |  Politics

Will Backroom Deals Keep Detroit's Garbage Incinerator Burning?new

The July 1 deadline for deciding the long-term future for disposal of Detroit's garbage has come and gone, but we can't tell you with any certainty what that future will be.
Metro Times  |  Staff  |  07-14-2009  |  Environment

Garage Greats The Gories Returnnew

The unskilled Detroit band helped alter the course of rock 'n' roll ... by accident. So why did they disband too soon?
Metro Times  |  Chris Handyside  |  06-30-2009  |  Profiles & Interviews

Finale Aims at the Top of Detroit's Hip-Hop Cropnew

Finale's name may not yet be as familiar as some of his better-known peers, most who hold him in the highest regard as one of the very best Michigan has to offer. But it shouldn't be very long before people start paying attention.
Metro Times  |  William E. Ketchum III  |  06-30-2009  |  Profiles & Interviews

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