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This Bud's For Who?new

Feds give the finger to medical marijuana.
Eugene Weekly  |  Dante Zuñiga-West  |  11-28-2011  |  Drugs

Teachers Fight Politicians' War on Schoolsnew

After a decade-long war on public education by Democratic and Republican presidents and Wall Street that has wracked schools with high-stakes bubble tests and crowded classes beyond fire codes but has left kids no better educated, teachers are finally starting to fight back.
Eugene Weekly  |  Alan Pittman  |  10-26-2011  |  Education

Plastic Crusadernew

Can Stiv Wilson ban the plastic bag in Oregon?
Willamette Week  |  James Pitkin  |  03-16-2011  |  Environment

What's Green on Oregon's Legislative Agenda?new

When not deciding really important things like whether border collies are more symbolic of Oregon than Labradors, Oregon’s Legislature will be voting on issues that affect not only the economy, jobs and whose dog is the coolest but the environment as well.
Eugene Weekly  |  Camilla Mortensen  |  01-31-2011  |  Environment

BCS Booster Bowlnew

It’s Phil Knight vs. Bobby Lowder for the national championship of college football.
Eugene Weekly  |  Alan Pittman  |  01-10-2011  |  Sports

Cry Me a Rivernew

The battle for water in the West is not just about who owns it. It's also about how to keep it clean.
Eugene Weekly  |  Camilla Mortensen  |  12-27-2010  |  Environment

Dr. Do-Overnew

Oregon Democratic gubernatorial nominee John Kitzhaber’s toughest opponent may not be Chris Dudley.
Willamette Week  |  Nigel Jaquiss  |  09-22-2010  |  Politics

Rumbling Elephants: A Weekend at the Beach with Oregon's Republicansnew

Among the weapons for some of the delegates and exhibitors at the Dorchester Conference were 3-inch rubber fetuses (at an Oregon Right to Life table), tales of a Mexican welfare scammer with 16 kids (at the Oregonians for Immigration Reform exhibit) and raw energy from groups such as the tea party movement.
Willamette Week  |  Nigel Jaquiss  |  03-10-2010  |  Politics

New Year, New Laws! Six New Laws for Oregonnew

LUCKILY, New Year's resolutions aren't legally binding. But the new Oregon laws covering everything from TVs to tenant's rights that went into effect on January 1 are, so listen up or pay the price.
The Portland Mercury  |  Sarah Mirk  |  01-07-2010  |  Policy Issues

Goats are the New Chickens, Plus Other Must-Know Trends and People for 2010new

We’re undaunted by the challenge of trying to predict who and what is likely to pop around these parts next year. In fact, we embrace it as close as a fifth of Jack at 11:59 pm on Dec. 31. Check out our 14 people and trends you must know when the new decade begins.
Willamette Week  |  Editorial Staff  |  12-30-2009  |  Commentary

Oregon's Most Litigious Stripper is Out to Reform the Industrynew

Zipporah Foster insists strippers deserve to be paid a minimum wage like any other worker. She and other dancers around the country are beginning to take a stand, and a handful have successfully sued for back wages.
Willamette Week  |  James Pitkin  |  11-18-2009  |  Business & Labor

Want to Kill Someone in Oregon? Use Your Carnew

Without strict punishments and tough enforcement of dangerous driving, lawyers and alternative transportation advocates say that even fatal traffic crimes often fall through the cracks of the state's justice system.
The Portland Mercury  |  Sarah Mirk  |  11-13-2009  |  Transportation

Could the Upcoming Census Give Oregon Another Seat in Congress?new

Election Data Services says that makes Oregon one of at least seven states poised to add another seat after the decennial count. But Oregon is not alone -- every state faces the 2010 census and is trying to maximize its own count.
Willamette Week  |  Sasha Ingber  |  11-04-2009  |  Politics

Oregon's Filthy Secret: It is Fueled by 40 Percent Dirty Coalnew

While Portland's high-profile green innovations are helping the city's image become synonymous with sustainability (see: condo developers topping their downtown towers with wind turbines) the city runs on a dirty secret. Forty percent of Portland's energy comes from a very un-green source.
The Portland Mercury  |  Sarah Mirk  |  10-29-2009  |  Environment

Who Took Our Jobs? Why Oregon's Unemployment is at the Top of the Charts ... Againnew

Studying unemployment figures in Oregon is like being a homicide detective in Baltimore -- there's no lack of casework. The problem is, how to piece together so much evidence. There's no shortage of theories why our unemployment is always among the nation's highest -- here are a few possibilities.
Willamette Week  |  Aaron Mesh  |  10-14-2009  |  Economy

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