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And the Grammy Goes

Last year's music brought some truly great moments, but you wouldn't know it from this year's Grammys. Here are my picks and misses for some of the top categories to be telecast Jan. 31.
Colorado Springs Independent  |  Alan Scully  |  01-28-2010  |  Commentary

Decade in Review: Look How Far We Have (and Haven't) Comenew

Oh, 2000. How quaint you were. How innocent. How oblivious to such ills as tornados tearing up downtown Atlanta, drought drying up Lake Lanier, and rains causing creeks and rivers to rage, destroying homes, roads, businesses and lives.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Various  |  01-12-2010  |  Commentary

Ten Years After: Looking Back to the Lessons of the Double-0snew

At the end of another decade we asked a cross-section of locals — as in, once you're tied to this area, you're always tied to this area — about their experience of the last decade. What mattered? What did we learn? What gives hope for the future? What follows is a sampling of the responses.
Metro Times  |  Metro Times Readers  |  01-12-2010  |  Commentary

Focus, Accountability and Commitment are Critical to Fulfilling New Year’s Resolutionsnew

It’s a new year, bright with the promise of new beginnings. If you’re like most, you’re so busy with day-to-day life that you push aside the little nagging voice inside telling you that your life could be better. You vow “I’ll quit smoking, hit the gym, eat a healthier diet.”
Pasadena Weekly  |  Patti Carmalt-Vener  |  01-11-2010  |  Advice

Thirty-Six Reasons to Give 2010 a Chancenew

Forget the epic suckage of 2009. Here are 36 reasons you should give the coming year a chance.
Las Vegas Weekly  |  Las Vegas Weekly Staff  |  12-31-2009  |  Commentary

Know Your Decade: Take Our Quiz and Kiss the '00s Goodbyenew

Think you're a genius at remembering everything that happened over the last 10 years? Take this quiz of pop culture and news from the last decade to see how much you really know.
The Portland Mercury  |  Wm. Steven Humphrey, Patrick Alan Coleman and Mercury staff  |  12-31-2009  |  Commentary

It was a Low, Dishonest Decadenew

Throughout the decade, while Osama bin Laden remained out of reach, gloating, Americans channeled their resentments by turning against one another. You heard it on the talk shows, where loathing gained the highest ratings.
San Antonio Current  |  Steven G. Kellman  |  12-30-2009  |  Commentary

Building a Better Decade: Step One, Turn That Frown Upside Downnew

It does no good to look back (just ask George Bush). In these pages, we're laying out a blueprint to make the Teens the best they can be. Step 1: Turn that frown upside down. Step 2: Please keep those clippers, and any recording device, away from Britney. Thanks.
Charleston City Paper  |  Greg Hambrick  |  12-30-2009  |  Commentary

Goats are the New Chickens, Plus Other Must-Know Trends and People for 2010new

We’re undaunted by the challenge of trying to predict who and what is likely to pop around these parts next year. In fact, we embrace it as close as a fifth of Jack at 11:59 pm on Dec. 31. Check out our 14 people and trends you must know when the new decade begins.
Willamette Week  |  Editorial Staff  |  12-30-2009  |  Commentary

Is Bill Frist Going to Run for Governor of Tennessee?new

The former Republican majority leader happens to be the 800-pound gorilla in speculation about the 2010 Tennessee governor's race. And there are seven fellow Republicans who nurse ambitions to be governor but are prepared to shelve their plans if Frist decides to make the race.
The Memphis Flyer  |  Jackson Baker  |  09-12-2008  |  Commentary

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