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The Barter Economy Chugs Along While Paying Jobs Remain Hard to Come Bynew

Welcome to the bartering economy, a system of no-money trading that experts say is booming in Connecticut and across the globe. It turns out to be one area that the Great Recession has actually helped.
New Haven Advocate  |  Gregory B. Hladky  |  09-27-2012  |  Business & Labor

Where The Jobs Are ... and Aren'tnew

Where are the jobs? Everybody should move to North Dakota, where there are more jobs than people and more people than housing. But you don't have to go so far as Fargo to find work.
Jackson Free Press  |  R.L. Nave  |  12-22-2011  |  Economy

Is the War on Drugs a War on Jobs?new

California’s Compassionate Use Act, which permitted the use of medical marijuana, has turned out very differently than what California voters expected when they approved the 1996 ballot proposition. It produced an estimated 200,000 patients, thousands of collectives, revenues of $1.3 billion, more than $100 million paid in taxes and tens of thousands of jobs. Now the feds want to throw this unplanned baby out with the bathwater.
Sacramento News & Review  |  Jeff vonKaenel  |  10-25-2011  |  Economy

Does Your Boss Steal Your Pay?new

As if rising prices and job insecurity weren't enough, many workers are victims of wage theft.
Valley Advocate  |  Stephanie Kraft  |  07-14-2011  |  Economy

Cartoon: Tax Summitnew

Obama wants the jobless to wait for his "jobs forum" to work. Why shouldn't he wait too?
Maui Time  |  Ted Rall  |  11-25-2009  |  Cartoons

Who Took Our Jobs? Why Oregon's Unemployment is at the Top of the Charts ... Againnew

Studying unemployment figures in Oregon is like being a homicide detective in Baltimore -- there's no lack of casework. The problem is, how to piece together so much evidence. There's no shortage of theories why our unemployment is always among the nation's highest -- here are a few possibilities.
Willamette Week  |  Aaron Mesh  |  10-14-2009  |  Economy

Public Displays of Dissensionnew

If you'd just moved to Pittsburgh in the past two weeks, you might think you'd stumbled into a hotbed of civic disobedience. In less than 10 days, local activists have generated headlines -- and a few headaches -- with a series of high-profile protests.
Pittsburgh City Paper  |  Chris Potter and Chris Young  |  08-04-2009  |  Business & Labor

Food Service! 24 Hours Inside an Industry That Never Sleepsnew

From the front of house, to the back of house, we've crammed ourselves into Portland's sharp, hot kitchens to get the stories of those who make it happen; the ones who "hate people a little less," the ones who keep Portland drunk and fed. We should have bought them all a beer. I bet they'd settle for a generous tip.
The Portland Mercury  |  Staff  |  07-02-2009  |  Food+Drink

When Down is Up: Ten Jobs That Are Doing Well Because You're Notnew

From arms dealer to repo man to private eye, here are some professions that are not only recession-proof, but actually seem to benefit from an economic downturn.
The Inlander  |  Joel Smith, Nicholas Deshais, Daniel Walters, Derek Casanovas and Jordy Byrd  |  03-05-2009  |  Economy

Contemplating a Charlotte Without Wachovia or Bank of Americanew

Why are we building a center city for the future on a banking industry model of stability that died in the 1980s?
Creative Loafing (Charlotte)  |  Tara Servatius  |  10-21-2008  |  Economy

Paper Mill Closing Leaves One Wisconsin Town Fighting for Its Lifenew

The struggle over the NewPage paper mill in Kimberly, Wisc., underscores the larger pattern of hurt in the heartland.
Isthmus  |  Roger Bybee  |  10-20-2008  |  Business & Labor

'Outsourced': A Comedy of Job Lossnew

Outsourced is a bright comedy about greedy American corporations, low-wage Indian workers, cultural incomprehension and the bonds that can form across all barriers by people of good will-especially, but not only, if they fall in love.
Shepherd Express  |  David Luhrssen  |  09-05-2008  |  Reviews

Canvassers, Telemarketers and Parking Officials Talk About Doing Work People Hatenew

They call during dinner time. They interrupt your picnic at the park. They write parking tickets. We talk to some of these people, to find out not only just how badly they're treated, but also why they continue to show up for work, day after day.
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  Phil Eil  |  08-13-2008  |  Business & Labor

Many Immigrants Abandon Accomplishments to Start Anew in Americanew

Many highly educated Philadelphians from other countries are stuck working dead-end jobs for minimal pay. Their stories may surprise you.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Alli Katz and Erica Palan  |  07-07-2008  |  Immigration

Green-Collar Job Programs Address Two Urban Ills at Oncenew

"We were doing debris removal and giving disenfranchised people a segue into the work force. For those part-timers who really got involved, there was a sense of ownership and pride -- they could do this for their own neighborhood."
Philadelphia City Paper  |  Dana Henry  |  05-27-2008  |  Business & Labor

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