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Blaming the Workers: UAW Not Behind the Big Three's Woesnew

Over and over again, I've heard people repeat that the trouble was that the average UAW worker costs the auto companies $73 per hour. Nice work if you can get it. Matter of fact, it made me want to pack a lunch bucket and trudge off to Dodge Main. Trouble is, when I checked, I found that this statistic is simply not true.
Metro Times  |  Jack Lessenberry  |  12-23-2008  |  Economy

Zac Mazzotta Takes the Safe Sex Industry by Stormnew

Using extreme-sports-based marketing and a unique type of latex that he personally traveled the world over to find, Mazzotta has steered Santa Barbara-based Bravo from industry newbie to international critical acclaim.
Santa Barbara Independent  |  Ethan Stewart  |  12-15-2008  |  Sex

Idaho ICE Raid Sparks Dialoguenew

In the wake of an immigration raid at a Nampa, Idaho factory, a Latina group sits down to enchiladas with ICE.
Boise Weekly  |  Nathaniel Hoffman  |  12-10-2008  |  Immigration

Lee Jeans is a Proud Maker of 'Mom Jeans'new

In the United States, Lee markets jeans worthy of mockery on Saturday Night Live. But in Europe, its products are considered stylish and high-end.
The Pitch  |  Jen Chen  |  12-09-2008  |  Fashion

A Bailout is Needed, but a New New Deal Would be Betternew

Why not create something like the old New Deal, which put millions to work doing everything from building post offices to writing nature guides. Ours would be more limited, however; we could call it the Michigan Infrastructure Corps. We are going to be paying out billions in unemployment insurance anyway. Why shouldn't we get something out if it?
Metro Times  |  Jack Lessenberry  |  12-09-2008  |  Economy

Casual Video-Game Company Big Fish Catches Record Revenues During Recessionnew

It's no surprise the gift-sales-dependent retail industry is hurting, and the big video-game giants are no exception. But over at Big Fish Games, a Seattle studio that creates casual games involving jewel hunts or word puzzles, things are rosy.
Seattle Weekly  |  Laura Onstot  |  12-08-2008  |  Video Games

Money, Arrogance and Stupidity = Disaster for American Auto Industrynew

Chapter 11 does not mandate that the Big 3 close their doors. It mandates that they restructure and cut costs, just like the airlines did. Yet the Big 3 continue to be bullheaded and refuse to consider this option.
Pasadena Weekly  |  Jennifer Hadley  |  12-08-2008  |  Business & Labor

Inside San Antonio's Growing Surveillance Economynew

The NSA's new Texas Cryptology Center, a data-mining center, is one component of a growing local surveillance industry
San Antonio Current  |  Greg M. Schwartz  |  12-03-2008  |  Business & Labor

'The Big Rich' Covers Almost a Century of Texas Oilnew

For those with an interest in contemporary Texas history this is a must-read; indeed, its reach stretches well beyond Texas. The oil rich of Texas loomed large on the national horizon, and there was a time that if they pawed the earth, politicians trembled.
The Texas Observer  |  Dave Richards  |  12-03-2008  |  Nonfiction

Are We Really Ready for Life Without American Cars?new

Here's the thing about the American public: we never learn. We squeezed into the backseats of our moms' Pintos in the 1970s, then grew up to fill vast suburban parking lots with Expeditions and Yukons and Escalades. Then we freak out when gas hits $4 a gallon and blame U.S. automakers.
The Pitch  |  C.J. Janovy  |  12-02-2008  |  Economy

End of an Effigy: Twilight of The Burning Bush Fire Starternew

As the Bush administration prepares to leave Washington, business is about to burn out for Rick Fornoff's profitable invention -- The Burning Bush Fire Starter -- and he says he's just fine with that.
Mountain Xpress  |  Jon Elliston  |  12-01-2008  |  Politics

Chuck Bundrant, the King of Fish Sticksnew

Trident Seafoods' good fortune has not come from the magic of the free market alone. Over the years, Bundrant cultivated some strong allies in Congress -- most especially, just-deposed Alaska Senator Ted Stevens and Representative Don Young, both famous for sponsoring the "bridge to nowhere."
Seattle Weekly  |  Laura Onstot  |  11-25-2008  |  Food+Drink

Why Reward GM? Here's Why

Lee Iacocca isn't running GM, Ford or Chrysler, and the most inept administration in history has made conditions far more daunting, but the stakes are far greater. We should take a deep breath and help the bums.
Arkansas Times  |  Ernest Dumas  |  11-20-2008  |  Economy

Why the Feds Must Bail Out General Motorsnew

Massive restructuring is needed, but the patient first has to be stabilized, by any means necessary. Otherwise, we will be looking at something very like the Great Depression.
Metro Times  |  Jack Lessenberry  |  11-20-2008  |  Economy

Should We Rescue Detroit's Sinking Ship?new

Any bailout for the Big Three must be seriously questioned and come with conditions, because we can't let these companies hold us hostage anymore.
City Pulse  |  Lawrence Cosentno, Neal McNamara and Angela Vasquez-Giroux  |  11-20-2008  |  Economy

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