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Just Me and the Boybandsnew

Or... omygod, why One Direction is, like, totally awesome!
Creative Loafing (Charlotte)  |  Mark Kemp  |  06-21-2012  |  Music

Flavor of the Week: How Not to Be a Whorenew

“I’ll tell you the Seven Laws of Successful Whoring!” he said, like a life coach for the downwardly mobile. And I have to admit, the laws were adorable. Sweetie, phone home. That was an E.T. reference. Money before honey.
New York Press  |  Kevin Allison  |  03-11-2010  |  Sex

Looking Back Through the Glass at the 'TRL' Pop-Culture Revolutionnew

Coming in the midst of a tsunami of Woodstock nostalgia, the news that Viacom is not renewing its lease on the Times Square studio where MTV staged Total Request Live didn't attract much attention.
Las Vegas Weekly  |  Greg Beato  |  08-20-2009  |  TV

News From Waaay Outside the Mainstream: 'How's Your News?'new

How's Your News? is certainly groundbreaking: there's never been a program on TV hosted by people with disabilities.
Boston Phoenix  |  Mike Miliard  |  02-09-2009  |  TV

'The Hills': Summer's Eve for the Brain!new

That's right, I admit it. I watch The Hills -- but only for its medicinal purposes! See, whenever I watch an episode, my brain activity slows down to the point where it almost flatlines.
The Portland Mercury  |  Wm. Steven Humphrey  |  10-24-2008  |  TV

Filmmaker Craig Brewer's Latest Project Brings Reality TV (of a Sort) to Memphisnew

It's a Friday night at the New Daisy Theatre on Beale Street, the first night of shooting on $5 Cover, Brewer's new web-based MTV series about Memphis music.
The Memphis Flyer  |  Chris Herrington  |  07-25-2008  |  Movies

The Wetboys Skate for Funnew

It was fun while it lasted -- but now MTV wants to mainstream Colorado's weirdest skateboarders.
Westword  |  Jared Jacang Maher  |  05-05-2008  |  Sports

America's Best Dance Crew Turns Tragedy into Triumphnew

But long before the crew began showing up on Ellen, Live with Regis and Kelly and the movie Step Up 2: The Streets, they were a disparate group of hip-hop kids who coalesced in San Diego.
San Diego CityBeat  |  AnnaMaria Stephens  |  04-30-2008  |  Performance

How Does Inflowential Stack Up in mtvU's New Contest?new

Pitted against We Are Only Fiction and The Lives of Famous Men, Inflowential now competes for a grand prize package that includes $10,000, cell phones and the host spot for an episode of mtvU's Dean's List.
INDY Week  |  Spencer Griffith  |  04-24-2008  |  Music

The Long and Winding 'Road Rules'new

I am now too old to get away with regularly watching MTV, which makes The Real World/Road Rules Challenge perfect for me. Let me explain.
Willamette Week  |  Staff  |  01-30-2008  |  TV

Missy's Recipe for Funnew

Missy Elliott is one of the few artists whose videos are still considered events. They are gleeful, frantic, and full of delicious visual puns and quirky effects.
Miami New Times  |  Sam Chennault  |  08-29-2005  |  Profiles & Interviews

Frontline Spearheads a West Coast Rap Renaissancenew

Frontline's recording, "What Is It," became an anthemic call to arms for what the upstart underdogs optimistically called the "New Bay" movement. A year and a half later, that movement is huge, and they're on top of it.
East Bay Express  |  Eric K. Arnold  |  02-08-2005  |  Profiles & Interviews

Eminem's Worldnew

Eminem's rhymes have the rambling hypersensitivity of diary entries, schizophrenically bouncing between nervous moments of clarity and narcissistic attempts at self-aggrandizement.
Miami New Times  |  Mosi Reeves  |  11-23-2004  |  Reviews

View Masters: MK12 Creates Kansas City's Coolest Exportsnew

The five partners in MK12 have spent the past several years earning an international reputation as purveyors of trendsetting computer-generated realities.
The Pitch  |  Ben Paynter  |  08-13-2004  |  TV

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