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What Can We Learn From the 9/11 Anniversary?new

Ten years later, a TV terrorpalooza rings hollow.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Andisheh Nouraee  |  09-07-2011  |  Commentary

John McCain Now Embraces America's Sworn Enemynew

During the 2008 election, Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul said that our military intervention in the Arab world was the primary motivation behind terrorist acts like 9/11. Why did Paul say this? Because Osama bin Laden said it. Because the 9/11 Commission report said it. Because CIA intelligence said it. Yet when Paul explained this, fellow candidate and eventual Republican nominee John McCain excoriated the Texas congressman and suggested that he was indirectly giving aid and comfort to the enemy, Al-Qaeda.
Charleston City Paper  |  Jack Hunter  |  05-09-2011  |  Commentary

How Can I Avoid Joining al-Qaeda by Mistake?new

According to the journal of the U.S. Army's Combating Terrorism Center, al-Qaeda's HR department is actively seeking new recruits among the general populace. Sneaky bastards that they are, they're not posting help wanted ads on Craigslist or sticking "Earn money and martyrdom from home" flyers under the windshield wipers of parked cars.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Andisheh Nouraee  |  04-01-2009  |  Commentary

Is al-Qaeda Near Defeat?new

If it is, no one has yet informed its A/V department. In the past year, Osama bin Laden and his loyal cavemate Ayman al-Zawahiri (the Smithers of jihadi terrorism) have swamped my al-Netfliqs queue with at least 19 audio and video missives between them.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Andisheh Nouraee  |  06-11-2008  |  Commentary

Obama is in Osama's Handsnew

The Republicans are toast if Bush's al-Qaeda enemies don't spark up more homeland terror.
NOW Magazine  |  Gwynne Dyer  |  03-03-2008  |  Commentary

Twentysomethings Grapple with Post-9/11 World

As the presidential election approaches, Kevin Foster Langston examines how 9/11 and its aftermath have affected his generation's perception of politics and the world around them.
Columbia Free Times  |  Kevin Foster Langston  |  10-08-2004  |  Civil Liberties

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