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Ground Gamenew

The Obama campaign, a view from the ground. Nancy Webber of Eugene is a longtime Oregon political activist and author of Ground Game, a book that chronicles her life in the field offices of the 2008 Obama campaign.
Eugene Weekly  |  Nancy Webber  |  09-20-2012  |  Commentary

Oxford American's editor rips Charleston's Garden & Gun new

If you want to fire a Southern shot, you need to know how to do it right. Charleston used to be in that camp, back when a plurality of voting residents fearful of an overreaching federal government would get the local college boys to drag a 1,000-pound cannon to the top of a stately mansion and blow the hell out of Fort Sumter. These days, those folks vote for Mitt Romney and call it a day.
Charleston City Paper  |  Jeff Allen  |  04-05-2012  |  Commentary

Despite GOP promises to clean up campaign finance, it's as dirty as evernew

During the 2010 election, Republicans used the Jim Black and Meg Scott Phipps scandals to illustrate the need for a clean break from Democratic rule. But recently released campaign finance reports paint a much different picture of what happened once the gavel changed hands.
INDY Week  |  Kirk Ross  |  03-28-2012  |  Commentary

Why do we keep voting for the same old hucksters?new

Standing before the cameras at North Charleston City Hall two weeks ago, Sen. Glenn McConnell looked like he was the one pleading guilty to ethics violations and resigning his office. Instead, the grim-faced politician was stepping up from the post of Senate president pro tempore to the office of lieutenant governor.
Charleston City Paper  |  Will Moredock  |  03-27-2012  |  Commentary

Why get involved in politics when nothing ever seems to change?new

My sanest friends are usually those who spend their time far away from the world of politics. Their main concerns are their wives or husbands, girlfriends or boyfriends, kids, family, and everything but the ongoing mischief in Washington. I think this is quite normal. Some talk radio hosts and conservative pundits constantly criticize Americans who aren't politically engaged. Not me. In fact, I often feel like joining them.
Charleston City Paper  |  Jack Hunter  |  03-27-2012  |  Commentary

Why Do Hot Chicks Always Play Bass and Why Do I Love Them So?new

I have a fetish for hot-chick bassists, a low-grade obsession that traces back to my early teens. In the mid-'80s, I remember feeling vaguely scandalized (and excited) the first time I saw the Talking Heads' Tina Weymouth lay down that throbbing arterial bass line on "Psycho Killer." That was just the beginning.
Phoenix New Times  |  Craig Outhier  |  12-08-2009  |  Commentary

A Chance for Meaningful Change in Sacramentonew

The skunking of all five special election budget measures backed by Gov. Arnold and the Can't Shoot Straight Legislature was a clear signal that voters are way beyond fed up with half-measures, marginal fixes and smoke and mirrors in Sacramento.
Metro Silicon Valley  |  Phil Trounstine and Jerry Roberts  |  05-29-2009  |  Commentary

Nova Scotia Premier Rodney MacDonald's Demisenew

While the final outcome is still far from a done deal, is it too soon to say, "So long, Rodney?"
The Coast, Halifax's Weekly  |  Stephen Kimber  |  05-29-2009  |  Commentary

We Need to Encourage Young Folks to Put Down Technology and Pick Up Booksnew

Be wary of the tube! If you prize the language, tame the idiot box!
Tucson Weekly  |  Leo W. Banks  |  05-27-2009  |  Commentary

Ignore the Economy As Best You Can, and Concentrate on Being Happynew

If economics lacks an absolute reality, then excessive fear is as irrational as excessive optimism.
Tucson Weekly  |  Catherine O'Sullivan  |  05-27-2009  |  Commentary

The Infestation of Classic Rock Threatens the Cultural Legacy of an Entire Generationnew

Young people who subsist on classic rock are traitors to their contemporaries. Our generation has no lack of quality artists, but the vast majority of us are too lazy to seek them out.
Houston Press  |  Ben Westhoff  |  05-19-2009  |  Music

A Meditation on Keeping Great Finds to Oneselfnew

Any object is marred by seeing. To reveal it means to erase it. Whatever people find there will not be what it was that inspired their coming.
New Haven Advocate  |  Stephen Vincent Kobasa  |  05-19-2009  |  Art

The Earth Can't Continue to Support Democratic Breeding Habitsnew

We can never become green enough to combat increasing population growth. There is much debate about the carrying capacity of the Earth, but one thing is certain: It does have one.
Tucson Weekly  |  Catherine O'Sullivan  |  04-29-2009  |  Environment

Good for Louisiana?new

Are Gov. Bobby Jindal's constant fundraising and posturing for national GOP audiences good for Louisiana?
Gambit  |  Clancy DuBos  |  04-24-2009  |  Commentary

Steven Wells Is Still Dishing It Out. And He Can Still Take It. Can You?new

No wonder American music journalism sucks. We've raised a generation of mewling, puking brittle-boned pony hugging, mediocrity-loving music journalist milksops who don't wanna rip both rock and the English language a new asshole.
Philadelphia Weekly  |  Steven Wells  |  04-13-2009  |  Music

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