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An Open Letter To President Obamanew

Two years ago, you said your administration would not go after dispensaries in states where marijuana is legal for medicinal use. But last Friday, your U.S. Department of Justice attorneys reversed course in California.
Sacramento News & Review  |  Jeff von Kaenel  |  10-14-2011  |  Commentary

Calif. Governor Signs Bill That Heads Off Ban on Circumcisionsnew

The controversy over male circumcisions have officially been nipped in the bud. Governor Jerry Brown on Sunday signed off on a new law that puts the kibosh local cities and counties to criminalize circumcision for males younger than 18.
SF Weekly  |  Erin Sherbert  |  10-03-2011  |  Science

Phil Angelides Talks About the Financial Crisisnew

Congress put Sacramento’s Phil Angelides, former California lieutenant governor, in charge of getting to the truth about the 2008 financial meltdown. What’d he find?
Sacramento News & Review  |  Jeff vonKaenel  |  03-03-2011  |  Economy

Don't Fall for the Phony Budget Crisis

Politicians and pundits from both parties tell us that the good times are over, that we've got to start living within our means. They're lying.
Maui Time  |  Ted Rall  |  03-02-2011  |  Economy

Jerry Brown's Karmanew

What can California expect from Jerry Brown this time around?
Sacramento News & Review  |  Tom Hayden  |  01-06-2011  |  Politics

Would Bankruptcy Save California?new

Some people seem almost to be drooling at the prospect of a state or municipal bankruptcy; a judge, they argue, could force big reductions in employee pensions.
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  Tim Redmond  |  12-28-2010  |  Policy Issues

What Killed Prop. 19?new

Historic effort to legalize marijuana will return in 2012.
L.A. Weekly  |  Dennis Romero  |  11-03-2010  |  Elections

Dear California: Please Legalize Marijuana. For

Vote Yes on Proposition 19 for Other Americans. And in the process, show us just how much of a role model the Great Republic of California can be.
The Village Voice  |  Foster Kamer  |  11-02-2010  |  Elections

Cutting Through Smoke Surrounding California's Prop. 19new

Recent polls show marijuana legalization will go down in flames in California on Nov. 2, while some interpreting those surveys claim many voters saying no to pollsters will punch yes to Prop 19 once inside the voting booth, paving the way to victory.
OC Weekly  |  Matt Coker  |  10-26-2010  |  Drugs

East Bay Enviros Lead the Charge Against Prop 23new

The fight against the repeal of climate change legislation is a statewide campaign headquartered here.
East Bay Express  |  Nate Seltenrich  |  10-14-2010  |  Politics

PG&E and Mercury Insurance are Spending Millions to Try to Trick California Votersnew

California voters are about to be bombarded by more than $50 million in political advertising designed to convince them to approve a pair of measures desperately sought by two powerful corporations with a long history of lies and political corruption.
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  Rebecca Bowe and Steven T. Jones  |  03-17-2010  |  Politics

Can Oakland Go the Distance? After 25 Years, a Marathon Returnsnew

the Oakland Running Festival is scheduled for the weekend of March 26-28 and will include the first road marathon to be held in Oakland in more than 25 years. The event returns with an eye-popping new route and a menu of race choices.
East Bay Express  |  Dan Schoenholz  |  03-17-2010  |  Sports

Undocumented Immigrants Barred from Visiting Loved Ones in Prisonnew

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently floated the idea of building prisons in Mexico to house the 18,000 California inmates who are in the country illegally. We have to wonder: Could a jailbird's mom visit him in Tijuana? Because if she's undocumented, she can't do that here.
SF Weekly  |  Lauren Smiley  |  02-17-2010  |  Immigration

When Life Takes You Out of Your House and Into Your Carnew

Maybe one has even parked on your street: a conversion van, curtains drawn, or a camper with signs of everyday life. They are so ubiquitous in Venice, Calif. that some have been trying to turn the onetime hippie enclave into a parking-permit-only town as a way to ward off "undesirables."
L.A. Weekly  |  Linda Immediato  |  02-05-2010  |  Economy

Extremist Republicans are Crushing Dissent Within Their Own Partynew

Extremist Republicans are crushing dissent within their own party, creating a California state legislature that can’t work. That's not won't work; that's can't work. This ideological extremism is evident in the party, from the national stage to local boards.
Sacramento News & Review  |  Sasha Abramsky  |  01-11-2010  |  Politics

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