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Blame It on the Framesnew

A Santa Fe business struggles to survive amid big-box competition.
Santa Fe Reporter  |  Enrique Limon  |  08-30-2012  |  Business & Labor

Google Politely Asks Minnesota's Small Businesses to Get a Websitenew

Minnesotans have a lot of room to grow in terms of internet usage, and Google is essentially saying, "Come on in, there's plenty of room."
City Pages (Twin Cities)  |  Mike Mullen  |  09-27-2011  |  Tech

Wildfire's Legacy Worries Santa Cruz Winemakersnew

For Santa Cruz Mountain winegrowers, the Lockheed fire that burned 7,800 acres of wild lands above Bonny Doon recently came at exactly the wrong time. Of course there’s never a good time for a wildfire, but the grapes in local vineyards are starting to ripen, a developmental stage called veraison, and they’re particularly vulnerable to “smoke taint.”
Good Times Santa Cruz  |  Stett Holbrook  |  08-27-2009  |  Food+Drink

The Shift to Local is Happening Across America, and It's Happening Nownew

I just spent 23 days traveling across America. I drove 9,220 miles, visited 25 cities and towns, and interviewed 75 people who are reshaping and reforming our communities by investing in local economies.
Dig Boston  |  Joe Grafton  |  08-20-2009  |  Business & Labor

How Federal Restrictions Created Colorado's Medical Marijuana Industrynew

The friction between federal and state law has created a booming industry in Colorado, with enterprising men and women stepping in to provide services physicians can't. The rest of the state may be in a recession, but Colorado's medical marijuana industry is thriving.
Boulder Weekly  |  David Accomazzo  |  08-17-2009  |  Drugs

The Tuba Exchange Makes Durham Something of an International Tuba Meccanew

The Tuba Exchange, which has specialized in tuba trade, repair and distribution for a quarter-century, is the only business of its kind in the country, specializing only in tubas and accepting trade-ins.
INDY Week  |  Brian Howe  |  08-14-2009  |  Music

Localwashing: The Corporate Co-Opt of Localnew

With Americans' new focus on buying products made close to home, corporations are moving quickly to co-opt the term "local." But if everything is local, is anything local?
Gambit  |  Stacy Mitchell  |  07-16-2009  |  Business & Labor

Congress's War on Toysnew

A new US law threatens to handcuff local indie artisans -- and could render certain kids' products contraband.
Boston Phoenix  |  Lissa Harris  |  02-05-2009  |  Policy Issues

Will a New Safety Law Bankrupt Small Businesses?new

Many manufacturers and retailers of children's products, along with book publishers, artisans, concerned parents and consumers, even the American Library Association, have begun to panic about the monumental scope of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act's impact.
Metroland  |  Kathryn Geurin  |  01-29-2009  |  Economy

New Toxics Ban Hurts Small Businessesnew

A new law banning lead and phthalates in children's products could put small, environmentally conscious companies out of business.
East Bay Express  |  Robert Gammon  |  01-28-2009  |  Environment

One Florida City's War on Sinnew

Winter Park doesn't just have a booby bar in its sights; tattoo parlors and other supposedly ill-reputed businesses have also been targeted next.
Orlando Weekly  |  Deanna Morey  |  11-06-2008  |  Business & Labor

Corkscrew: For a Few Dollars Morenew

Would you pay $10 more for a bottle of wine that benefits a family-owned business? Or a winery that farms its land mindful of future generations? Or would you rather save that 10 bucks and buy from a company baby-sitting its bottom line? I uncovered all these scenarios during a recent trip to Sonoma Valley.
Creative Loafing (Atlanta)  |  Taylor Eason  |  10-29-2008  |  Food+Drink

Your Friendly Neighborhood War Profiteernew

Across Minnesota, from the Twin Cities to the smallest rural towns, are often-scrappy companies with a handful of employees who work contracts from the low thousands to the low millions. Some estimate the number of companies doing defense-related business in the state at numbers as high as 2,000.
City Pages (Twin Cities)  |  Jeff Severns Guntzel  |  07-02-2008  |  Business & Labor

Portland's Bike-based Food Businesses are Picking Up Speednew

Bicycle-based food businesses are sprouting like daisies, from a bike-based "cookie CSA" to a three-wheeled, single-origin coffee cafe.
Willamette Week  |  Deeda Schroeder  |  05-07-2008  |  Food+Drink

Will Indie Record Shops Survive?new

Two owners -- one who's doing well and another who's closing shop -- disagree on what the future holds as we approach National Record Store Day.
Washington City Paper  |  Angela Valdez  |  04-10-2008  |  Music

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