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If Your Love is Cheap, Windows Loves Your Bandnew

Microsoft's Sponsored Songs program is the latest in a series of variably successful attempts by large companies to use independent music to reach a new audience. If it is to be a long-term strategy, though, many say it must form a stronger bond between the bands and brands it links.
INDY Week  |  Grayson Currin  |  07-02-2009  |  Music

How Microsoft's Co-Founders Are Spending Their Political Bucksnew

Who are Seattle's two filthy richest backing for president? With less than two months to go, Bill Gates and Paul Allen aren't clearly tipping their hands.
Seattle Weekly  |  Rick Anderson  |  09-29-2008  |  Politics

Microsoft Brings Jerry Seinfeld Back to Prime Timenew

For $10 million, he'll apparently appear in ads with Bill Gates for Microsoft Vista. The Cutting Room can just imagine what these spots will be like...
Seattle Weekly  |  Brian Miller  |  09-02-2008  |  Comedy

In the Wake of E3, Gaming's Big Three Move Towards Indistinguishabilitynew

Even as little as two years ago, the Big Three had distinct identities, market niches, and competitive advantages that set them apart: Sony had the mass appeal and the vast library of exclusive titles, Nintendo had the family gamers, and Microsoft catered to the hardcore online crowd. Funny how a little cutthroat competition over a few billion dollars changes the equation.
Charleston City Paper  |  Aaron R. Conklin  |  08-06-2008  |  Video Games

War of Words Proves the Highlight of E3 Video-games Summitnew

Don Mattrick, Microsoft's senior vice president for interactive entertainment business, took the stage and proclaimed that the Xbox 360 will win the video-game console war. That started it.
The Georgia Straight  |  Blaine Kyllo  |  07-25-2008  |  Video Games

Did Microsoft Conspire to Charge People for MSN Service They Didn't Want?new

We'll find out -- as soon as the court sorts through a few trillion more bytes of data.
Seattle Weekly  |  Rick Anderson  |  06-17-2008  |  Business & Labor

No Room for the Little Guy in Big Web?new

If Microsoft buys Yahoo to create what we'll call Microhoo, it means we'll have fewer options when it comes to online searches, using web mail, and just plain goofing around online.
San Francisco Bay Guardian  |  Annalee Newitz  |  04-16-2008  |  Tech

Gamer Gamble

Is the Xbox 360 worth buying, or does it make more sense to wait for the next generation of Playstation or GameCube?
The Inlander  |  Marty Demarest  |  11-30-2005  |  Video Games

Online Magazine Slate Captures Coveted Audiencenew

Now the fourth most widely read entity on the Web, Slate focuses on subjects that excite the chattering classes.
Seattle Weekly  |  Nina Shapiro  |  08-07-2004  |  Media

Microsoft Has Sacrificed Innovation to Protect Profitsnew

A former Microsoftie says addiction to Windows revenue, mediocre products and missed opportunities could doom Seattleā€™s most successful company.
Seattle Weekly  |  Jeff Reifman  |  08-07-2004  |  Business & Labor

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