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'Alone in the Dark's Imperfect Innovationsnew

The game is an ambitious title set in modern-day New York's Central Park. It has many innovative ideas, but almost all of them are poorly implemented or just shy of perfect.
Baltimore City Paper  |  Benji Anft  |  09-30-2008  |  Video Games

The Incredible Hulk Games Gets Tediousnew

The outrageous annihilation physics provided by the Havoc engine aren't enough to hold this open-ended game together. Also reviewed: Lego Indiana Jones.
San Antonio Current  |  Jeremy Martin  |  07-09-2008  |  Video Games

Vampire Nazis vs. Rocket-Launching Werewolvesnew

Operation Darkness does one thing wrong, and a whole bunch of other things right.
The Portland Mercury  |  Earnest "Nex" Cavalli  |  07-03-2008  |  Video Games

'Ninja Gaiden II' Dials Down the Difficultynew

Ryu Harubasa's not the only one dialing down the difficulty a notch or two these days, embracing the zen of a somewhat easier path. Hell, some games even give you the option of switching to the kiddie table in the middle of dinner.
San Antonio Current  |  Aaron R. Conklin  |  06-25-2008  |  Video Games

Meet JerkRag, the Valley's Rock Band Bandnew

If virtual bands like Gorillaz create original music, but their members are embodied by digital avatars, then JerkRag is somewhat the opposite, a real-life representation of virtual rockers.
Phoenix New Times  |  Benjamin Leatherman  |  06-24-2008  |  Profiles & Interviews

Gamer Gamble

Is the Xbox 360 worth buying, or does it make more sense to wait for the next generation of Playstation or GameCube?
The Inlander  |  Marty Demarest  |  11-30-2005  |  Video Games

Midnight Club 3: DUB Editionnew

Midnight Club returns with even more under the hood.
Boston Phoenix  |  Mitch Krpata  |  05-04-2005  |  Video Games

Choose Your Own Adventure: Knights of the Old Republic IInew

The whole "choose your own adventure" theme that made the first KOTOR so amazing is back again for The Sith Lords, and it really makes you feel like your actions can have serious consequences, one way or another.
Boston Phoenix  |  Jim Murray and Aaron Solomon  |  01-03-2005  |  Video Games

Two Princes: Prince of Persia: Warrior Withinnew

The rushed-to-market sequel Prince of Persia: Warrior Within is a darker, self-consciously edgier take on the franchise, and a step in the wrong direction.
Boston Phoenix  |  Mitch Krpata  |  01-03-2005  |  Video Games

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