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Energy Expert Warns About Peak Oilnew

Robert Hirsch predicts worldwide shortages, general chaos if not mitigated.
C-Ville Weekly  |  Scott Weaver  |  12-05-2007  |  Environment

Has 'Moneyed Elite' Kept Pols From Tackling Peak Oil?new

That's professor Bill Rees' take; he says that politicians should be "running for shelter" following the October 23 release of a report on peak oil by Germany-based Energy Watch Group.
The Georgia Straight  |  Matthew Burrows  |  11-02-2007  |  Environment

Baghdad Burns, Calgary Boomsnew

Iraq's oil explosion has not been delayed, it's been relocated to the Alberta tar sands.
NOW Magazine  |  Naomi Klein  |  06-11-2007  |  International

When Oilmen Turn Sour on Crudenew

Fears of an energy crash and continuing climate chaos have created a new class of environmentalist -- converted suburban Republican oilmen working for the planet.
San Antonio Current  |  Greg Harman  |  08-09-2006  |  Environment

Very Slicknew

That cheap Venezuelan oil for low-income families means big bucks for the non-profit Citizens Energy.
New Haven Advocate  |  Brian Slattery  |  03-27-2006  |  Business & Labor

Piebald Tour U.S. on 40¢ a Gallonnew

Driving a beat-up tour van from gig to gig burns a lot of fuel, and with gas prices as pumped up as they are these days, a nationwide tour just isn’t feasible for many bands.
Boston Phoenix  |  Mike Miliard  |  11-03-2005  |  Environment

New Orleans Had Long Begged for Help, Unheedednew

The "war on terror" sucked up so much funding previously allocated to disaster preparedness that the country risked losing New Orleans, says a writer who proposed a book on the topic months before Hurricane Katrina.
Arkansas Times  |  Mara Leveritt  |  09-13-2005  |  Disasters

When the Tank Goes Drynew

If the peak-oil theory is correct, the world is going to run out of oil soon -- will you be ready?
Metroland  |  Shawn Stone  |  04-22-2005  |  Environment

Inauguration 2005: The Eve of Destructionnew

George W. Bush is getting four more years to remake the world in his image. (Too bad for us, he already started.)
The Village Voice  |  Rick Perlstein  |  01-20-2005  |  Politics

Lebanese-American Peace Activist Tells What He Learned in Iraqnew

"Most of the people I know in Iraq believe the US will impose a government on them and they will then either have to accept it or fight it," says Ramzi Kysia, who was in Iraq before and since the U.S. invasion.
Monterey County Weekly  |  Andrew Scutro  |  08-07-2004  |  International

Salad Gives You Something to Chew On at End of Mealnew

Food is about much more than how it tastes -- it’s about how you feel after you swallow. In this respect, it’s tough to beat raw foods.
Missoula Independent  |  Chef Boy Ari  |  08-07-2004  |  Food+Drink

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