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Writer Collaborates With Iraqi Refugee to Tell a Different Story From Iraqnew

What Justin Sirois wanted to do was offer a different perspective of the war that wasn't being as accessibly covered in conventional war journalism. He wanted to argue that there might be more going on than journalism can offer. He wanted to tell a different story.
Baltimore City Paper  |  Bret McCabe  |  12-21-2009  |  Author Profiles & Interviews

Only Pawns in Their Gamenew

An Orange County lawyer seeks justice for families of slain military contractors in Iraq.
OC Weekly  |  Nick Schou  |  07-14-2006  |  War

The President's Handlers Lose Their Balancenew

George W. Bush, who has announced a plan for victory in Iraq, is at the tipping point. The lives of Iraqis hang in the balance.
The Village Voice  |  Ward Harkavy  |  12-02-2005  |  Politics

Outreach Center Helps With the Burdens Soldiers Carrynew

Returning soldiers have deep, long-term issues the Veterans Administration isn't equipped to help them with, says the president of the Veteran's Outreach Center in Rochester, N.Y.
City Newspaper  |  Krestia DeGeorge  |  01-14-2005  |  War

Fallujah Falls, Now What?new

From the New York Times to Al-Jazeera, the press tries to make sense of the battle for Fallujah. But the U.S. victory raises more questions than it answers. The big one: Why are we in Iraq?
Boston Phoenix  |  Dan Kennedy  |  11-19-2004  |  Media

Clueless in

"George doesn't have a clue what it's like to try to sleep like my son does -- if he even sleeps -- to the sounds of bombs all night," writes the mayor of Darby Borough, Pa.
Philadelphia City Paper  |  Paula M. Brown  |  10-26-2004  |  Commentary

The Ghost of Bob Hope: Doing the Baghdad Boogienew

Rockabilly musician Rick Hollister never had to go to Vietnam, so he decided to give back a little by performing for troops in Iraq. He's seen more blood in Iowa, he says.
City Pages (Twin Cities)  |  Paul Demko  |  10-01-2004  |  Profiles & Interviews

Iraqis Slow to Embrace Democracynew

As Iraq's interim National Assembly begins its work, many Iraqis express a profound alienation from the political process that's supposed to pave the way to their first democratic government.
Long Island Press  |  Borzou Daragahi  |  09-24-2004  |  International

Lebanese-American Peace Activist Tells What He Learned in Iraqnew

"Most of the people I know in Iraq believe the US will impose a government on them and they will then either have to accept it or fight it," says Ramzi Kysia, who was in Iraq before and since the U.S. invasion.
Monterey County Weekly  |  Andrew Scutro  |  08-07-2004  |  International

U.S. Has a Tradition of Institutionalized Brutality, Writer Saysnew

Atrocities like the torture and killings of unarmed civilians in Vietnam and the sexual humiliation of prisoners in Abu Ghraib in Iraq are not the mere result of rogue soldiers but stem from what historian Christian Appy identifies as "a doctrine of atrocity."
The Village Voice  |  Nicholas Turse  |  05-17-2004  |  International

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