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Will New Mexico Offer Drug Users Treatment Instead of Jail Time?new

There might be some good news on the horizon for those caught in the revolving door of drug addiction. Proposed state legislation would give judges the discretion to offer people with drug-possession charges a treatment program instead of jail time.
Weekly Alibi  |  Carolyn Carlson  |  02-09-2010  |  Drugs

Giving Depressed Teens Another Chance at Happiness and Lifenew

When Jeff Lamontagne and other members of his church held a walk to raise money to enable students who were depressed and at risk of suicide to receive psychological treatment five years ago, they had no idea that they'd taken the first steps toward establishing a nonprofit that would become a model for suicide prevention nationwide.
Boulder Weekly  |  Pamela White  |  05-19-2008  |  Science

The Sad Irony of Washington's Mental Health Systemnew

Only by killing Michael Robb did Samson Berhe finally become subject to the mental health treatment he has seemingly needed for years.
Seattle Weekly  |  Laura Onstot  |  05-05-2008  |  Science

Turning to Birds to Help Veterans Healnew

A new parrot sanctuary helps vets cope with PTSD at the West L.A. veterans hospital.
Los Angeles CityBeat  |  Allison Milionis  |  06-08-2007  |  War


Montana is expanding its meth treatment options -- unfortunately, many addicts can't get help until they go to jail.
Missoula Independent  |  Jessica Mayrer  |  01-11-2007  |  Crime & Justice

Within These Wallsnew

Richmond's Child Advocacy Center is working to change.
Style Weekly  |  Brandon Reynolds  |  05-25-2006  |  Children & Families

The Poet Goes Straight: Cop's Daughter Slips and Rises Back Upnew

Once a strung-out heroin addict, poet Jackie Sheeler runs a Friday-night open mic for poetry readings at the Cornelius St. Cafe and started to help neophyte writers.
New York Press  |  C.J. Sullivan  |  08-25-2004  |  Author Profiles & Interviews

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